Persona 5 Royal: How To Romance Kawakami

Persona 5 Royal is a beloved Japanese role-playing game from Atlus, lauded as one of the best games from 2020. With fantastic combat, characters, and a sensational soundtrack, it quickly became one of the most popular past generation games.

One aspect that players love about the Persona series is the freedom to enter a relationship with their preferred partner. One romantic option in Persona 5 Royal is Sadayo Kawakami, the protagonist’s homeroom teacher. Leading a double life as a maid, she’ll serve as a partner that is equally hilarious and heartwarming, but players will need to follow a few guidelines to win her heart.

Finish the First Two Palaces and Wait for 5/24

If romancing Kawakami is the aim, Joker will have to be patient. Kawakami’s Arcana doesn’t unlock until the end of May. Until then, it’s best to focus on progressing through the story normally. Make sure to finish up the first and second dungeons with this time. Though the second palace has a deadline of June 5, it is better to complete it as soon as possible.

Mishima will come to Joker and Ryuji with a maid service flyer. After calling the maid hotline, the trio will be greeted by the homeroom teacher of our protagonist. Initially, she’ll bolt, telling you to keep quiet about the incident. Only a bold Joker will be able to contact her again.

Reach Level 3 Guts

Only a bold Joker will be able to muster the courage to call Kawakami. Contacting Kawakami after Joker finds out her big secret takes substantial social standing. The Guts stat much be Staunch, the third level before he can reach out again.

After hitting level 3, go to Cafe Leblanc in the evening and call Kawakami. The two will hash out a deal that culminates in her helping him with after school chores. Keep an eye on all the tasks Kawakami can handle, as they’ll be invaluable during the game.

Keep Friday and Saturday Evenings Open

Unlike many of the Confidants in Persona 5 Royal, Kawakami isn’t available most days. Joker can only advance her Arcana rank when she is on schedule. She’ll be available on Friday and Saturday evenings. There is an exception to this, as she can be called during rainy evenings as well. In the best-case scenario, she’s around three days a week, a stark contrast to characters like Ann and Ryuji. Take note of this and slate some time out for this Arcana.

Make Sure You Have Cash

Another difference between Kawakami and many of the other Confidants in Persona 5 Royal would be her fees. She’ll only come to visit should Joker have 5000 yen on hand to pay her for her services. This is true for advancing her Arcana and completing chores. Kawakami can be reached most nights for chores, but this won’t advance her Confidant rank. To do so, Joker will have to stick to her predetermined workdays. Be sure to save several thousand at all times should an opportunity arise to call Joker’s teacher.

Be Confident and Assertive in Conversation

Unlike other romance options in the game, Kawakami isn’t looking for someone to tell her what she wants to hear. Being confident in conversation will grab her attention. This can include disagreeing with something she says, as she enjoys the banter. In more serious instances where she doubts herself, ask her questions. Don’t tell her what to do, but help her come to the right conclusion by encouraging her to follow her instincts.

Give Kawakami Gifts

Some Confidant ranks take several visits to progress, and this includes Kawakami. With so few days a week to spend time with this part-time maid, players may want to expedite the process. One great way to avoid these unfruitful sessions is by giving gifts. Each romance option in Persona 5 Royal has a set list of gifts that will boost their Social Points should Joker surprise them. Kawakami’s are as follows:

  • +2 Social Points: Custard Cake, Chocolate Truffles, Designer Perfume, Incense Set, Rakugo Collection, Rose Bouquet, Crimson Lipstick (romance only)
  • +3 Social Points: Best of KGB49, Idol Pins, Digital Camera, Face Beautifier, High-Performance Electric Toothbrush, Super Noisy Alarm Clock, Heart Necklace (romance only,) Heart Ring (romance only,) Robot Vacuum (romance only)

Reignite Kawakami’s Passion for Teaching

When Joker first meets Kawakami, she’s a burnt-out teacher that’s been beaten down by the world around her. She often laments interacting with her students and prays for the days to end. She wasn’t always so dreary, and she may see her passion emerge again. It’ll take the influence of a stylish protagonist to help her get her mojo back. Call her up and listen to her problems. Eventually, Joker will learn how she got to this point, and if he’s diligent, he can help her get past this hurdle.

Complete “A Teacher Maid to Suffer”

Once Joker reaches rank 8 with Kawakami, he’ll meet a troublesome group of parents grifting her for her money. This portion of the link automatically occurs during school hours. The rotten pair is why Kawakami became a maid originally, and her decision to cut them off stirs their wrath.

The Phantom Thieves will have to intervene and change the hearts of this deranged duo. After a tense encounter, Kawakami gives Joker their names. “A Teacher Maid To Suffer” will unlock, and Joker will need to dive into the depths of Mementos. This target can be found in the Path of Chemdah: Area 7. Completing this request will open up the next rank in the Arcana.

Choose “I Want To Keep Seeing You” For Prompt 3 of Rank 9

After Joker helps Kawakami with the problematic parents, he’ll be able to spend time with her to progress to rank 9. Here Kawakami will tell Joker that she’s quitting her job as a part-time maid. How he responds to this information will influence the trajectory of their relationship. Say, “I want to keep seeing you” after she tells you about moving on from being a maid. She’ll initially rebuke Joker, but following up with “I mean what I say” will create a romantic bond between the two of them.

Reconvene for Rank 10 and the End of the Romance

Calling Kawakami once more will initiate the final Arcana link between the two. The two will share a heartfelt moment where Kawakami reveals one last secret before the two spend a romantic evening together. At this point, there is nothing that can impede progress. Say what feels the most natural and enjoy the ride. From this moment on, Joker is dating Kawakami. Feel free to take her on extra dates during Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day.

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