Persona 5 Strikers announced for Nintendo Switch and PS4

It seems Persona 5 isn’t coming to Switch after all, but it is getting a Dynasty Warriors style spin-off in the mould of Hyrule Warriors.

For lesson #34,236 on why you should never assume anything of Nintendo, even if it seems like a no-brainer, Persona 5 is not coming to the Switch.

Yesterday Atlus formally announced Persona 5 Royal for PlayStation 4, an enhanced version of the original game in the manner of previous updates.

It seemed like the perfect game to release on Switch as well, considering main character Joker has just been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but that’s not what’s happening. Instead, Persona 5 Scamble: The Phantom Strikers is being released on both PlayStation 4 and Switch.

The only obvious assumption is that Sony has got Persona 5 locked down as a timed, or perhaps permanent console exclusive, but then that begs the question of why Nintendo wanted to reference the game in Smash Bros. at all.

We’ll probably never know but, in the meantime, Persona 5 Strikers looks… like every other Dynasty Warriors spin-off and is even by the same developer.

The trailer was released early, because of a leak, so there’s no other information at the moment. Although the fact that it’s a Dynasty Warriors game is pretty much all you need to know.

Persona 5: The Royal is due out in the West next year, so perhaps sometime after that the game will appear on Switch. Or perhaps not.

If it doesn’t at least there’s Persona Q2 coming up for 3DS, which is likely to be a superior spin-off to Strikers.

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