Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Sapporo Jail Boss

The Phantom Thieves are on the road in Persona 5 Strikers, visiting various locations and saving the world as they do it. The third location that the Thieves visit is the city of Sapporo and of course, there’s another Jail ready and waiting to be explored.

Once more, there is another Monarch that needs to be defeated, and this time it’s Mariko Hyodo. As the third big boss you encounter in the game, the battle mechanics have been increased in complexity to pose more of a challenge, but we’ve got everything you need to know about defeating Mariko right here.

Snow Empress Mariko

Affinities And Weaknesses:

  • Physical —
  • Gun —
  • Fire — 
  • Ice — Nul
  • Electric — Nul
  • Wind — 
  • Psy — Wk
  • Nuclear — Str
  • Bless —
  • Curse — Wk
  • Almighty —

Prepare for battle by stocking up on medicine items, such as HP and SP recovery items, a revive or two, and some status ailment cures for Freeze and Sleep if you feed the need. Next, you’ll want to ensure your party is well-suited for the battle ahead. Don’t take Fox, Skull, or Makoto, as their elemental attacks won’t help you here. Although, if Skull is well-leveled you might want him for his Physical attacks.

You should take Haru with you for her Psy moves, then take a dedicated healer such as Sophie or Mona. You should also make sure Joker has some decent Personas on hand that are either Cure or Psy-based, and a healing Persona helps too. When you start the battle, buff your party and throw some debuffs Mariko’s way.

There are a few important battle mechanics to know. Firstly, Mariko can use a Rage attack (where she turns orange/red), so be careful of her when she does this and in general, you will want to avoid standing directly in front of her at all times.

Secondly, Mariko can use a move called Dinnertime where she eats one of your party members. You can only retrieve them by stunning her, either by dropping one of the chandeliers on her with a Phantom Dash move or by using a Show Time attack.

Lastly, Mariko will use Freeze and Shiver, which will cast a blizzard over the arena and slow your movement. Oracle will direct you to manually switch on one of the four heaters in the corners of the room, the heater you need to change can be different each time. Head towards the heater and switch it on to remove the blizzard.

Avoid Mariko’s attacks as best you can, and be careful of moves that inflict Freeze, Sleep, or Dizzy. Heal your party as needed and keep an eye on status ailments. Use Baton Pass to utilize all of your characters and increase the rate at which the Show Time gauge fills so you can use it whenever it is available. Be sure to equip a Psy or Curse-based Persona on Joker before using his Show Time attack.

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