Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Sapporo Jail Lock Keeper

The Phantom Thieves have to face many bosses when it comes to Persona 5 Strikers, most notably toppling the various Monarchs from the Jails found in the Metaverse. However, you can only battle with the final boss of each Jail once you have defeated that Jail’s respective Lock Keeper.

Lock Keepers are not found inside of the Jails but are instead found in separate Trauma Rooms. They are also one of the few kinds of bosses that cannot be repeated. For everything you need to know about defeating the Shield Lock Keeper in Sapporo, we’ve got a full guide right here.

Shield Lock Keeper

Affinities And Weaknesses:

  • Physical —
  • Gun —
  • Fire — 
  • Ice —
  • Electric —
  • Wind — 
  • Psy — Wk
  • Nuclear —
  • Bless — Wk
  • Curse — Wk

You’ll want a healthy stock of medicine to ensure you can help your party out if you find yourself in a tough spot, so take some HP and SP recovery items, as well as a couple of revives. Next, you’ll want to make sure that your party is the most efficient it can be, so take Noir and Sophie with you, as their Persona’s elements can hit the Lock Keeper’s weakness. For your fourth character, just take your next best party member in terms of gear/level. Be sure to take a Psy, Bless, and/or Curse-based Persona in for Joker, and don’t forget to equip one capable of healing too, just in case.

When you first start the battle, be sure to buff your party and throw some debuffs on the Shield Lock Keeper. The Lock Keeper will buff itself with Marakukaja throughout the fight, so dispelling this or debuffing it will make the whole fight a little easier. Concentrate on hitting its weaknesses and whenever you deplete its down gauge, make the most of the All-Out Attack.

The Shield Lock Keeper will summon adds to help it fight at various times, so take these out as soon as possible so you are not overwhelmed. This boss has a high defense, which is only natural considering it is carrying a bunch of shields. You’ll likely find this battle takes longer than other Lock Keeper battles. It will also use its shields to perform Physical attacks so do not equip a Persona that has a Physical weakness on Joker.

Make the most of Baton Pass to switch between each party member and charge your Show Time gauge more quickly, and use it whenever it is available. Ensure that Joker has a Persona that is Psy, Bless, or Curse-blessed equipped when you use Show Time with him.

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