Phil Spencer Says Tango Gameworks Acquisition Is A "Great Step" For Xbox’s Future In Japan

There was a lot discussed in yesterday’s roundtable discussion between Bethesda and Microsoft, and although nobody really talked about specific games, we did get a hint for what these two companies have planned.

One of the developers previously under the ZeniMax Media umbrella that has caught Xbox head Phil Spencer’s eye is Tango Gameworks, the Tokyo-based studio currently working on Ghostwire: Tokyo. Now that the purchase is official, Tango is Xbox’s first studio in Japan, and that’s something that Spencer has wanted for a long time.

“I can’t wait to spend more time with the Tango team and get to know them,” Spencer said during yesterday’s presentation. “I’m ready to go to Tokyo. Yeah, I mean go see Tango [Gameworks], a studio that I have such respect for the history of the creations there. I’ve talked for a long time about our desire to have more of a first-party presence in Japan. This is a great step there.”

It sounds like the feeling is mutual. Tango Gameworks executive producer Shinji Mikami had a brief spotlight during the presentation where he said, “We look forward to the inspiration that will spark from our new relationship with the people at Xbox.”

Collaboration is apparently a big thing when it comes to Xbox Game Studios. Spencer noted how studios often reach out to one another for help on projects or to share ideas.

Tango is no stranger to collaboration either. During Doom Eternal’s development, Tango created the demon Hell Razer for Id Software to include in the finished game.

Tango is currently working on Ghostwire: Tokyo, an upcoming PS5 exclusive that will come out later this year. Phil confirmed that former Bethesda studios would honor their previous contracts, so that game will for sure remain a PS5 exclusive–at least, for a time. Ghostwire: Tokyo is scheduled to come out in October. And yes, you’ll be able to pet the dog.

In the meantime, there are plenty of Bethesda games out on Xbox Game Pass today, so you’ll have plenty to do between now and October.

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