Pikachu Dog Goes Viral At NBA, Again

Some people, especially those named Ash, might like to catch 'em all, but there are others who like to catch everyone's attention. One such individual is a dog owner who appears to want to capture the eyes of the world through their dog. This dog would be a somewhat ordinary dog except the owner decided to dye the dog to resemble Pikachu, complete with yellow fur and red cheeks.

Last month, the Pikachu coloured dog turned up courtside at a Miam Heat vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game. Cameras eventually found the animal and the game's announcers were left stunned by what they saw and the Internet subsequently turned the dog, which is a pomeranian, (in)famous. Now it has reappeared at the NBA, with the owner thrusting the dyed dog into the glare of cameras at a recent Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz game (via Dexerto).

The clip of the Pikachu-dyed dog has been viewed millions of times while commentators have questioned the paint job considering it a dubious way to treat one's pet. The dog owner has also been sanctioned for colouring the animal.

According to Floridian news outlet WPTV, the dog's owner was cited for dying his Pikachu-resembling Pomeranian. Local laws prohibit the possession or sale of any dyed or artificially coloured animal. Erik Torres, the owner of the dog, could be fined $200 for the citation. However, Torres intends to appeal saying he used a safe bottle of dye and that it is his pet and has no intention to sell the dog. He also told WPTV he has no plans to remove the colouring.

Whether it is the pomeranian's destiny to become the best Pikachu dog like there ever was or not, the dog owner appears to enjoy the attention captured by his yellow-dyed pet and here's hoping that the animal is being treated well away from the glare of courtside cameras.

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