Pistol Whip’s Next Campaign Could be in the Wild West

Cloudhead Games’ rhythm-shooter Pistol Whip was an excellent virtual reality (VR) title that the studio continued to improve by way of cinematic campaign Pistol Whip 2089. This week is the online Game Developers Conference (GDC) with Cloudhead Games CEO, Denny Unger, taking part in one of the sessions. During which he revealed that another campaign was in development and that it would take place in the past.

Most of Unger’s session focused on how Cloudhead Games had got to where it is today and what the team had learnt – which was interesting in itself – yet it was his teasing mention of what’s to come for Pistol Whip which should get fans excited.

“We’re working on another one, no surprise there,” he smiles. “Again five scenes, new modifiers, new weapons, new bosses. And it takes us into the past. It revolves around the past and it’s gonna be a wild ride [in a cowboy accent] and you can infer whatever you want from that.” Whilst saying “wild ride” Unger also makes a double hand gesture suggesting holding the reins of a horse. Now, this could be a bluff on his part but it certainly seems like Pistol Whip will be heading to the Wild West at some point. No dates on that just yet.

Given Pistol Whip’s striking visual art style with pulsating colours and a tendency towards very geometric shapes, going with this particular theme will certainly create a Wild West like no other. Yet it makes sense, strolling down a dusty street shooting faceless bad guys in doorways and on rooftops easily fits with Pistol Whip’s gameplay.

Expected far sooner after being initially revealed in 2020 is the “Concierge” update. Originally slated to arrive around the same time as the campaign, the update is now expected this Spring. Solid details on what it’ll include haven’t been released, just that it’ll feature an Arcade mode and that modifiers will play an important role.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Pistol Whip and Cloudhead Games’ latest VR advancements, reporting back with further updates.

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