Player Turns His Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Into Spider-Verse’s Kingpin

The Xbox Series X might just be a plain black tower, but that’s not stopping fans from finding interesting ways to spice it up. One user on Reddit, by the name of jb304life, has transformed theirs into Spider-Verse’s Kingpin with the simple addition of a sticker.

Since the console is black and Kingpin’s suit is too, toppled with his gigantic imposing stature, all that this Reddit user had to do was order a sticker online and slap it on the console. The sticker features Wilson Fisk’s white shirt revealed beneath the suit with his big bald head poking out, placed right in the top center.

One user pointed out the irony considering that Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man, even if they don’t entirely own Kingpin as shown by his appearance in Netflix’s Daredevil. But considering that Minecraft Dungeons has an Xbox intro on a PlayStation, this is pretty tame in comparison.

That being said, they didn’t just overhaul their Xbox: they have a partly inverted sticker on Sony’s console to boot. Kingpin is much more well-known for his white suits rather than his black ones, so, naturally, with jb304life owning a PlayStation 5 as well as an Xbox Series X – storming into next-gen with no exclusives barred off from them – they utilized the more recognizable appearance with the PS5’s white body.

Kingpin finds himself on the PS5 with a black shirt, white tie, and the natural pudding head with his malicious grin stretched from pudgy cheek to pudgy cheek. It’s eerily fitting, although, maybe Insomniac’s Kingpin would be a better fit, even if he isn’t quite so rotund as Spider-Verse’s.

If you want to pull this off and turn your console into a comic-y crime boss, then the stickers are up for grabs on Etsy at an incredibly affordable price. That is if you actually managed to get a PlayStation to begin with. Based on the reviews and feedback on the Etsy page, it looks like a lot of people are using the Kingpin stickers to transform their Xboxes, so it’s not exactly original, but if it looks good – who cares?

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