Players Share Useless Game Info From Portal’s Glowing Mug To Fallout’s Super Smart Mole

I'm pretty sure that most people reading this have at least one game they know absolutely everything about. Whether it be a childhood game or just something we've connected with over the years, we all have that one title that we love so much that we can't help but eat up all the info about them we possibly can. Because of this, we've all amassed a bunch of pointless video game knowledge that's taking up precious space in our brains – until now that is.

Twitter user SuperPodSaga recently asked the platform for the most pointless bits of video game trivia they know, and boy did they deliver. With almost 13,000 quote tweets, answers came flooding in, including a Portal 2 fans who shared their discovery of a weird glowing mug that can be found floating out of bounds in Chapter 6.

Turns out, this glowing mug might be placed there to successfully load voice lines according to another Twitter user, although its ominous, creepy glow will always remain a mystery.

Another user called RebirthOfKira brings up a fairly well known Fallout tidbit, but it's still quite a funny piece of trivia. Fallout New Vegas fans will likely be aware of Snuffles the Mole Rate, but did you also know that Obsidian made it so that Snuffles has a higher intelligence stat than Caesar, the founder of the Caesar's Legion. Whether that's an insult to Caesar or that Snuffles is weirdly intelligent is up to you.

Finally, we have one for all you Kingdom Hearts fans out there, as the second game features a large net in Port Royal that Sora can use to deal damage to a boss. Because the net is coded as an ally, if Sora lands the final blow with it, you'll get a dramatic yet humorous close up of a random wooden pole. Finally, a worthy match for Xehanort himself.

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