PlayStation Players Use Certain Orange And Black Adult Site The Most

PlayStation users are a bunch of wankers – literally. PornHub has unveiled its year-in-review, the Spotify Wrapped of getting off. And more than any other platform, it's the PlayStation-ers that are watching porn on their consoles.

It has a lead of 60.6%, up 17.6% from last year. It's dethroned the PS Vita which is down 75.7% – people just ain't watching porn on the go anymore. Makes sense with the pandemic, eh? Nintendo is also down by 90.6%, so there are still some stragglers on the Switch that like to visit PornHub while they wait for Mario 64 to download. Speaking of…

There are a few Mario personalities in the "Most Searched Video Game Characters" list. Topping them off is the titular character himself – Super Mario. Then you have Princess Peach, Bowsette, and Bowser. There's even Pikachu and Gardevoir fans that are searching up porn related to the two 'mons – please don't use pound.

Xbox still has a decent chunk of PornHub connoisseurs with 36% of the platforms console users being Microsoft fans. Maybe that number would be higher if it were on Game Pass. But there's no Soulja Boy TRDR Pocket, unfortunately.

The characters get a little weirder than Pokemon and, in some cases, outright unsettling – if you didn't think cutesy animals were too far, that is. There are your expected picks like Chris and Claire Redfield, Lara Croft, D.Va, Kitana, and Abby, but then you have Tiny Tina. She was 13 in Borderlands 2 and 18 in 3. Unsettling, to say the least.

Aside from that, Resident Evil tops the charts with the most characters while the entire species of argonians from The Elder Scrolls found themselves being searched more than Kitana. People love lizards.

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