Pokemon: 10 Legendary Pokemon With The Highest Speed Stat, Ranked

While not as important to many trainers as a Pokemon’s offensive power, Speed in the Pokemon series has remained one of the most important stats in a Pokemon’s arsenal. This usually determines how fast a Pokemon can move, and their ability to outrun their opponent to disarm or defeat them is key in knowing how effectively they can use their strength.

This is even truer of Legendary Pokemon, the mythical and often one-of-a-kind species that control the forces of space, time, and nature. Some legendaries can move faster than any other Pokemon in the series, and ten in particular can even outrun most of Pokemon’s strongest deities.

10 Eternatus (130)

Despite being one of the largest Pokemon in the series, the new Eternatus from Pokemon Sword & Shield is alarmingly fast compared to most other Pokemon. It carries a menacing base speed stat of 130, making it quicker than traditional speedsters like Talonflame and Weavile.

Up until the release of the Expansion Pass, this made Eternatus a great tool in Max Raid Battles. Not only could it outrun every Dynamax Pokemon, but its signature move deals massive damage to larger foes. It has become outclassed by many other classic legendaries since the release of the Crown Tundra, but is still a valuable option for any Max Raid events.

9 Spectrier (130)

Another speedy addition from Pokemon Sword & Shield came from the new Crown Tundra expansion itself, in the form of the haunting horse Spectrier. This steed of Calyrex runs just as fast as a swift horse should, moving at the same speed as Eternatus while being much more fitting of the capability.

This has helped make Spectrier a great option for Ghost-type trainers, but it’s held back by a restrictive movepool. Besides Ghost-type attacks, its range is much worse than Glastrier, the exact opposite of a speedster due to its high physical Attack and defensive stats.

8 Zamazenta (138)

It’s quite rare that new Pokemon forms are slower than their original form, but this is indeed the case for Zamazenta, Pokemon Shield’s cover legendary. Wearing the Rusted Shield will cause it to move slightly slower than Eternatus, but on its own Zamazenta has a surprisingly high speed of 138.

What makes Zamazenta even stranger is that this speed is attached to a marvelous stack of defensive stats, both of which being plenty admirable by non-legendary standards. However, wearing the shield gives it substantially more Defense and one of the highest Special Defense stats in the series, so a minor speed decrease is a fine tradeoff.

7 Mega Mewtwo Y (140)

It’s hardly surprising that Mega Evolutions didn’t return in Pokemon Sword & Shield, as it’s clear many of them were pushed alarmingly far. Many non-legendaries hit stats that match banned Legendary Pokemon, while many legendaries received Mega Evolutions that are nearly unbeatable.

One of the greatest examples of this is Mewtwo’s Mega Evolution from Pokemon Y, which turned it into an even faster oracle of doom. It outruns Tapu Koko and Eternatus by ten points with a total of 140 base speed, only being beaten by other Mega Evolutions and Legendaries.

6 Zeraora (143)

Zeraora was one of the last additions to Pokemon Sun & Moon before the next generation of Pokemon, but it undoubtedly ended the Alola saga on a solid note. This Electric-type physical fighter can just barely run faster than Mega Mewtwo Y, with a slightly higher base speed of 143.

Trainers in Pokemon Sword & Shield got to take on Zeraora in a Max Raid Battle event, but very few ended up successful against the Shiny version that appeared in five-star battles. Its Speed helps it outrun a large majority of Pokemon, especially before the DLC was released, but its ability in Dynamax to attack twice meant it could eliminate teams almost immediately.

5 Crowned Sword Zacian (148)

Zacian could theoretically appear on this list twice, as its unarmed form is still faster than Spectrier, Tapu Koko, and Eternatus by only eight points. However, it’s unfair to look at anything besides its more powerful Crowned Sword form, which gives it the Behemoth Blade attack alongside a speed stat of 148.

This gives Zacian a huge edge, as it’s also potentially one of the strongest physical attackers in the series as well. Not only is its Attack stat naturally high, but its ability gives an additional fifty percent increase to its Attack stat upon entry, meaning it’ll likely annihilate any opponent besides the faster legendaries.

4 Shadow Rider Calyrex (150)

Since Spectrier is already fast, it only makes sense that the Pokemon riding it can get just as fast. Calyrex has a relatively unimpressive 80 base speed, but when riding Spectrier with the Reins of Unity, the two become a proper fusion that reaches a base speed of 150, making it the fourth-fastest legendary in the series.

This comes alongside several other astonishing stat boosts, including a greater pair of defensive stats and a much larger maximum health. Spectrier is surprisingly unbanned from online ranked battles, but Calyrex is thankfully banned over this obscene potential boost.

3 Pheromosa (151)

The Ultra Beasts from Pokemon Sun & Moon are famous for bizarre type combinations and unusual stat spreads, and Pheromosa is a prime example. It just barely beats out Calyrex and its haunted horse, being only one point higher with a total of 151 points.

Like other Ultra Beasts, Pheremosa is also legal in Pokemon Sword & Shield’s online battles, and its speed makes it immediately worth considering. Thankfully, its Bug and Fighting-type combination makes it greatly vulnerable to most moves, but only if it doesn’t immediately strike down your Pokemon first.

2 Speed Forme Deoxys (180)

So far, nearly all of the fastest legendaries of the series are available to capture or transfer into Pokemon Sword & Shield, but one notable exception is the DNA Pokemon, Deoxys. This is likely for the best, as Speed Form Deoxys beats out Pheromosa by a mile with an incredible 180 base speed.

It was never legal in online battles like Pheromosa, but it can still outrun any Max Raid Battle opponents and every NPC in the game. Transferring through Pokemon Home would likely lead to a less exciting adventure, so it’s not as sorely missed compared to other Pokemon missing from Galar.

1 Regieleki (200)

Not only is the fastest Pokemon in the series brand new, but it’s also making immense waves in competitive play. Regieleki, the newest member of the Regi family, has an astounding 200 base speed, allowing it to outrun essentially every Pokemon in the game regardless of how their stats are trained.

Much like Spectrier, its movepool is extremely limited, as it mostly just has Electric and Normal-type attacks. Nonetheless, it has a surprising range as its stats can let it quickly put up walls like Reflect and Light Screen with ease, while its damage is high enough to demolish opponents with Thunder Cage and Electro Ball.

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