Pokémon GO Introduces 100 Poké Balls For 1 Pokécoin Bundle

As efforts to flatten the curve of Covid-19 transmissions continue, people are staying in their homes — but that does not mean that players can’t get their daily fix of Pokémon GO. Niantic continues to make adjustments to a world that is increasingly run by shelter-in-place laws, this time by giving players 100 Poké Balls for a single PokéCoin.

The move follows the first major change that provided players with an abundance of Incense and extended its duration, allowing players the ability to still play and catch Pokémon from their homes. Since Poké Balls come primarily from visiting and spinning Poké Stops while walking around outside, it was only a matter of time before even the most well-stocked players ran dry with no real way of replenishing this much-needed resource outside of spending real money.

Seeing the struggle here, and likely understanding that players could not continue without Poké Balls, the following changes have been made in-game and will remain in effect until further notice:

  • 3× Stardust and XP for your first Pokémon catch of the day. Players should first activate a Star Piece and Lucky Egg to get the most from their rewards.
  • Changes to Gifts: Players can now open 30 Gifts in a single day, and the maximum number that can be carried will be going up by 20. Gifts will also contain more Poké Balls than usual in an effort to keep players stocked and able to catch their favorites.
  • Rotating 1 PokéCoin bundles in the shop! The new 1 PokéCoin bundle will be available in the shop each week as one-time purchases. As social distancing efforts are ongoing, the contents of these bundles will shift on a weekly basis, so it is good to check back often. This week’s bundle contains 100 Poké Balls.

Players can log into Pokémon Go to purchase the bundle, and it will remain until Monday, March 30. As the effort needed to keep the spread of Covid-19 sees no signs of lessening soon, players can reasonably expect Niantic to keep these kinds of temporary changes in place.

While playing from home seems counterintuitive to the genre of AR mobile games, it is great to see Niantic adapting to allow players to still enjoy the game, even in a completely foreign way. Players of Niantic’s other AR mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, can likely expect to see additional changes made as well, which has already seen some modifications.

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