Pokemon Go Is Teasing The Arrival Of Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Go's season of Alola is still underway as critters from Pokemon Sun & Moon have been slowly but surely making their way to the game. Most players will know that Ultra Beasts had a pretty substantial role to play in the story of Sun & Moon, but there's been hide nor hair of them in Niantic's mobile spinoff. That looks set to change though, as Pokemon Go has teased the imminent arrival of Ultra Beasts in a new trailer.

Uploaded to the official Pokemon Go Twitter account earlier today (thanks Eurogamer), a very short trailer briefly took viewers into what seemed like an Ultra Wormhole. Inside the Wormhole, we get a good look at a horde of Nihilego before being taken back out again and shown the back of a mysterious figure in Ultra Recon Squad attire. A date for the introduction of Nihilego wasn't provided, but the trailer does coincide with Pokemon Go Fest 2022 which kicks off next month.

Nihilego is currently the only Ultra Beast being teased, although you'd imagine that other Beasts like Blacephalon, Buzzwole, Guzzlord, and more won't be too far behind. It's also possible that Niantic could use Nihilego and more Ultra Beasts as surprise drops during Go Fest 22, similar to how Hoopa dropped as a surprise during Go Fest 21. We won't have to wait very long to find out either, as Go Fest 22 kicks off on June 5.

However, any potential excitement for Go Fest 22 is currently being overshadowed by a rather unpopular change made to the game's PokeCoin Event Boxes. In a likely attempt to try and get players out to raid in-person, Niantic has removed Remote Raid Passes from PokeCoin Event Boxes, removing one of the easier ways to obtain Remote Raid Passes and replacing them with a rotating pool of items instead. The change hasn't gone down well with fans, with many claiming the pandemic still makes them too uncomfortable to visit busy raid spots.

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