Pokemon Go July Community Day contenders: Mudkip, Ralts, Trapinch and MORE

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is keeping quiet about the featured Pocket Monster for the July 2019 Community Day event.

The Pokemon Go studio has announced a July 21 date for the next Community Day event, but is yet to reveal the featured Pokemon.

Of course, internet sleuths think they’ve figured it out already, and it’s Mudkip that’s the main contender.

As Dexerto points out, starter Pokemon have typically always featured in odd months, like Torchic in May and Treeko in March.

This makes Mudkip the overwhelming favourite to appear in the next Community Day.

A post on The Silph Road agrees with the theory, calling Mudkip a given for Community Day.

However, the same post also suggests that Ralts could make an appearance, not to mention Trapinch and Ryhorn.

It’s believed that Niantic will start featuring Gen 4 starter Pokemon soon, perhaps as early September.

The next Pokemon Go Community Day event will take place on July 21.

The Community Day event runs  for the standard three hours, kicking off at 3pm local time and ending at 6pm.

Lures will last for the duration of the event, while fans can expect some kind of hatch rate or XP bonus.

Needless to say, a brand new Shiny Pokemon will also be available to capture on the day.

The news comes as Niantic unleashes a number of bonuses for players.

Thanks to the efforts of players during the Pokemon Go Fest, all players will receive Candy-themed bonuses.

This includes double hatch Candy, double catch Candy, half hatch distance and a guaranteed one Rare Candy is Raids.

These bonuses won’t be around for long, so snap them up while you can.

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