Pokemon Go To Pokemon Home Transfers Cost PokeCoins

It was recently revealed that transferring your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home costs quite a lot of PokeCoins, meaning that sending your best ‘mons from Go to your Home hub is going to be much pricier than you might have initially anticipated.

Earlier today, it was announced that Pokemon Go would officially be connected to Pokemon Home by the end of the year. However, the eagle-eyed folks over at Pokemon fan site spotted a far less exciting detail about the upcoming update — as far as a Pokemon Support article designed to accompany the announcement is concerned, transferring your Pokemon is going to make even the richest Pokemon Go trainers lighten their PokeCoins purse.

You can check out the tweet from Serebii below.

As you can see, all we know so far is that there will be a cost for enacting a transfer such as this. As it stands, the exact details like the actual amount of said cost, as well as when it is due to come into effect, are still unknown.

The tweet also links to the Serebii blog, where it is stated that anyone who transfers Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home for the first time will receive a Gigantamax Melmetal.

Players will also have the opportunity to encounter shiny Meltan in Pokemon Go during this time.

Before this comes into effect, however, we can expect a range of other alterations to arrive in Pokemon Go. For example, there are a lot of changes coming to Pokemon Go in October alone, including this year’s highly anticipated Pokemon Go Halloween event — which, as Niantic recently confirmed, is set to feature the rare Bug/Ghost-type, Shedinja.

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