Pokemon Go’s Community Day Classic Brings Back Everyone’s Favorite Starter

Bulbasaur is Pokemon Go's Community Day Pokemon of January. The event begins on January 22 at 2 PM local time and lasts until 5 PM local time. As usual, Bulbasaur will appear more frequently in the wild, will have a better chance of being shiny, and will also feature an exclusive attack if evolved into Venusaur up to two hours after the event ends.

Niantic is calling this Community Day a return to Pokemon Go's roots thanks to the ongoing Season of Heritage. Bulbasaur was one of the first Community Day Pokemon ever back in March of 2018 and has since become a popular choice to showcase during various events. Perhaps even a little too popular.

Bulbasaur was also featured as part of Pokemon Go's New Years' 2022 event that wrapped up earlier today. Before that, Bulbasaur was also available during Pokemon Go's 5th Anniversary event, and before that during Friendship Day last April. And before that, Bulbasaur was one of the many Pokemon featured during the Kanto tour last February. That's four huge events featuring Bulbasaur in less than 12 months.

But until we stop celebrating Pokemon Go's heritage, Bulbasaur is what we got. The good news is that this Bulbasaur can learn Frenzy Plant so long as you evolve it to Venusaur up to two hours after the event. There's also a new Special Research story available to learn more about Bulbasaur if you've got a dollar to spare.

As usual, January's Community Day will feature three-times catch XP, lures and incense that lasts three hours, and 30 free Ultra Balls. There's also a special Community Day box available for 1,289 PokeCoins that contains 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, five Star Pieces, and an Elite Charged TM.

It’s hard to believe anyone still doesn’t have a Venusaur, but if you don’t, this Community Day is for you.

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