Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Every Unown Location

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is here, showcasing numerous pokemon across the vast region of Hisui in times past. With many adventures to experience, mysteries to uncover, and pokemon to catch, some of them turn out to be hard to find and catch, proving a hard challenge even for the most seasoned trainers.

Such is the case of Unown, a mysterious pokemon that shows up in 28 different forms, hiding in plain sight on the many regions of Hisui until your keen eye spots them. While these pokemon are easy to catch but, in some cases, incredibly hard to find, we're here to help you with that.

How To Unlock The Unown Dex

After arriving to the Crimson Mirelands Camp for the first time, a cutscene will trigger where Professor Laventon will tell you about an Unown following you at close distance. Once the Unown escapes, the professor will add the Unown Dex to your Pokedex, and you must now search all the Unown forms to complete it.

Where To Find Every Unown

The full list of all the Unown forms and their specific locations goes as follows:

Unown FormLocationPhoto
Unown "A"Crimson Mirelands – Diamond Settlement On top of the second tent to the right (the one with the Psyducks).
Unown "B"Cobalt Coastlands – Molten Arena On one side of the volcano, next to the Alpha Ninetales.
Unown "C"Coronet Highlands – Celestica Ruins On top of a rock formation at the western end.
Unown "D"Crimson Mirelands – Golden Lowlands Resting in one of the sitting logs around the campfire.
Unown "E"Obsidian Fieldlands – Grueling Grove Sitting on the lone tree in the islet.
Unown "F"Coronet Highlands – Ancient Quarry On top of the rock formation behind the Alpha Goodra.
Unown "G"Obsidian Fieldlands – Obsidian Falls On the rocks on top of the waterfall.
Unown "H"Jubilife Village It will be sitting in the south entrance sign, noticeable from outside the village.
Unown "I"Obsidian Fieldlands – Lake Verity Behind the cave, sitting out in the open.
Unown "J"Coronet Highlands – Ancient Quarry Inside the quarry, high above the ground sitting in one of the lateral walls.
Unown "K"Crimson Mirelands – Shrouded Ruins Sitting on top of the piled rocks formation near the cliff besides the ruins.
Unown "L"Coronet Highlands – Wayward Cave Inside the cave, behind a breakable rock.
Unown "M"Crimson Mirelands – Sludge Mound Sitting on a log in the circular arena.
Unown "N"Cobalt Coastlands – Sands Reach On the right spike of the stone arch near the camp.
Unown "O"Alabaster Icelands – Avalanche Slopes Resting in one of the three ice pillars at the end of the underground cave.
Unown "P"Coronet Highlands – Fabled Springs Among the flowers in the Fabled Springs.
Unown "Q"Cobalt Coastlands – Turnback Cave Hanging from the left tree at the entrance of Turnback Cave.
Unown "R"Cobalt Coastlands – Veilstone Cape Sitting on a cliff next to the grave at the end of Veilstone Cape.
Unown "S"Obsidian Fieldlands – Tidewater Dam Sitting on the sticks at the right side of the dam.
Unown "T"Alabaster Icelands – Avalugg's Legacy Got to the top of this zone and look down to one of the ice pillars around, you will see it resting on top of one.
Unown "U"Alabaster Icelands – Heart's Crag Resting behind the statue on top of the waterfall.
Unown "V"Crimson Mirelands – Scarlet Bog Hanging from a dead tree in the western part of the Scarlet Bog.
Unown "W"Jubilife Village It will be in the eye of a Magikarp statue on top of the Galaxy Team building. You must access to the balcony from the Commander's office.
Unown "X"Obsidian Fieldlands – Grandtree Arena On top of a branch in the huge tree. It will be the only accessible branch for you to reach.
Unown "Y"Alabaster Icelands – Icebound Falls On top of the frozen waterfalls.
Unown "Z"Cobalt Coastlands – Deadwood Haunt From the camp, go to the second abandoned ship, and it will be resting on the mast.
Unown "!"Alabaster Icelands – Snowball Hot Spring Hanging from a dead tree on the left part of the hot spring.
Unown "?"Jubilife Village It will be hanging in a clothes rack behind your house.

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