Pokemon Masks Are Now Available, Accompanying The Shirts From Original Stitch

As masks become a necessity to modern society, they also act as new accessories to your outfit. What’s even better for Pokemon fans is Original Stitch’s decision to release a line of masks to accompany its stylish collection of Pokemon Shirts.

The pandemic is a lingering foe, however, pop culture fans have jumped on the opportunity to customize their face masks – with everything from the muscular jaw of a Titan from Attack on Titan, to Captain America’s shield hiding their nose. Having a giant Snorlax cover your mouth may be a bit much, but San Francisco-based Original Stitch has come up with a solution to put your favorite pocket monster on your mask in style.

Accompanying its acclaimed line of Pokemon Shirts – which feature printed patterns of your chosen Pokemon – the company has now begun selling masks with a similar style. Original Stitch’s website allows you to choose from 285 Pokemon patterns, including monsters from the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions. Customers can then choose between four colors of breathable mesh fabric for the inside of the mask, and finally your desired size. All masks cost $18, and Original Stitch has warned buyers that masks will ship around 5 weeks after your order is placed.

Original Stitch’s Pokemon masks may only be a fashion accessory for some circumstances, as the company noted that these fabric masks are intended to be used as a “fashion item” and not to prevent the spread of infection. Nevertheless, its minimal designs match the appeal of the various shirts on offer, using the Pokemon’s type, environment, or defining features as a base for the print. With a wide range of Pokemon to choose from, it will be hard for any fan of the games, anime, manga, or trading cards to not find the design for them.

In addition to its booming collection, Original Stitch has also teamed up with The Pokemon Company to offer a line of new prints to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. 34 new patterns have been added to the catalogue – featuring pocket monsters from the Hoenn region – where customers can tailor shirts, masks, and bandanas from the Pokemon of the Ruby and Sapphire games.

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