Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 9 Hardest Shinies To Hunt

Shiny hunting has never been easier than in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but that's not to say every Pokemon got the memo. Despite the ability to see Shinies in the overworld, some Pokemon are hard to see at all, let alone spot minute Shiny differences.

Outbreaks and Sparkling Power Sandwiches increase Shiny odds and spawn density, but there's no guarantee you'll spot one before it disappears offscreen. Cyclizar in particular just loves to dash away at Mach speed. Other Pokemon rarely appear at all, even with sandwich boosts, so don't expect free Shinies just because you ate a massive sandwich. Shiny hunting eggs via the Masuda Method is a different beast entirely, so for now, let's focus on Pokemon you'll hunt in the wild.

9/9 Cyclizar

Speaking of Cyclizar, this slippery mount Pokemon has a pretty distinct Shiny difference, exchanging the pale green for a dark gray and tan palette, but good luck catching a glimpse of it before it escapes — it'll make a beeline for the nearest edge of your screen.

Due to Cyclizar's incredible speed and tendency to run shortly after spawning, this hunt requires you to stay on your Koraidon or Miraidon. Trying to catch up on foot is simply an exercise in futility and is sure to lead to heartbreak. Find an outbreak — if you can — to maximize your odds because it's not uncommon to lose a running Shiny spawn before you can even react.

8/9 Iron Valiant

Pokemon Violet's most prominent Paradox Pokemon is a tough one to deal with, primarily due to the lack of Paradox outbreaks. To counteract this, several Paradox Pokemon appear in incredibly high numbers, but Iron Valiant is not so generous — this rare creature can usually be found in a cave tucked beside the waterfall between Research Station Two and Three.

After exiting Research Station Two, make a right and head down the hill, bearing left as you approach the waterfall; the cave will be nestled behind some large rocks. Once inside, Iron Valiant will appear in sparse numbers compared to the various other species that inhabit the cave. You should avoid using a Fighting sandwich, as the Pawmi family will cut into your Valiant spawns, so stick to Fairy if you want better odds, as only Chansey – a fairly rare spawn – will appear alongside the Paradox Pokemon.

7/9 Female Combee

Combee itself should provide ample opportunities for Shiny hunters to encounter en masse, as this Bug-type is a fairly common outbreak. However, the caveat here is that 88 percent of Shiny Combee are pointless, as the male-biased spawns can never evolve into Vespiquen. The key difference between male and female are the tiny markings in the center of a Combee, with females possessing that orange marking seen on the lowest of their three faces.

In order to find a female Shiny Combee, you'll have to overcome the odds not once, but twice — first to find a Shiny, and secondly for that Shiny to be a female. The best possible Shiny odds achievable are one in 512, while the odds of achieving a female Combee sit at three in 25. The odds are discouraging, so save yourself the heartache and look for a Vespiquen outbreak instead.

6/9 Klefki

Klefki is a tough nut to crack, mostly because of its small size, which in turn makes it difficult to differentiate a Shiny spawn from a standard one. The Shiny difference itself sounds straightforward, as Klefki swaps a silver loop for a gold one and takes on blue accents to replace the red ones.

However, the environment plays a massive role in making this hunt somewhat unbearable, as reflecting sunlight gives Klefki a seemingly-Shiny glimmer even when it is just a normal version. Try to hunt this one at night if possible.

5/9 Flabebe Or Floette

Much like Klefki, Flabebe and Floette are minuscule 'mons that will have you squinting at your screen, screaming for a Shiny. Flabebe is perhaps the more difficult one to identify, as the eye color and lower abdomen change to blue, but are nearly impossible to see.

Floette's greenish body accents swap to darker, purplish hues, but both these and Flabebe's changes are frequently obscured by their flower. These two make a legitimate argument for the most difficult Shinies to hunt, but they are merciful flowers, as they will often form a circle around you, remaining stationary and allowing you to check each one with ease using your camera.

4/9 Charcadet

Charcadet's evolutions are beautifully designed, but this little menace is nothing short of a pain to Shiny hunt. This shy creature often scampers around in all directions, making it difficult to see the eyes — the only indicator of a Shiny version. The fiery red eyes change to blue, giving you a tiny target to search for as you comb through entire herds of these scarce spawns.

Your best bet to locate this elusive Shiny is to find an outbreak, as, much like Cyclizar, you're likely to miss Shiny spawns that simply run offscreen before you can get a good look into those dang eyes. Pop a Fire-type sandwich and pray that Arceus has mercy on your soul.

3/9 Shroodle

Shroodle lovers will hate to hear the cold, hard truth about Shiny hunting this cute, but dangerous little blob, but it must be said. Shroodle's green eyes turn purple in addition to swapping a purple tongue for magenta. That sounds easy enough to spot, but Shroodle's tiny stature and preferred grassy habitat make this Shiny hunt a slog.

The grassy areas it frequents not only completely hide Shroodle, but also will tank your game's performance. If Shiny hunting wasn't hard enough, then try combing through fields of grass while your game turns into a glorified slideshow. You'll probably want to ditch your mount to get as close to the ground as possible to stand any chance of seeing a Shroodle, let alone spotting the Shiny coloring among the tall grass.

2/9 Frigibax

Oh, Frigibax; never has such an adorable little Dragon-type been so lovable and infuriating at the same time. This little guy has all the makings of one of the most frustrating Shinies to hunt in Scarlet and Violet, starting with its color palette. Frigibax trades gray for a very light blue Shiny form, which wouldn't be impossible to spot, except for the fact that it's located primarily in snowy areas.

The blue, white, and gray hues of the snow and mountains combine with reflecting sunlight to play tricks on you as you squint and zoom in, searching for the Shiny. Frigibax is quite small, so you will need to get very close or use the camera to get a good view. In addition, the markings on Frigibax's back will often fake you out, as the light blue is extremely reminiscent of the Shiny's dominant palette. To top it all off, the only other way to tell if you've found a Shiny version is by looking at the yellowish flaps on the hands, which turn pink. This presents yet another opportunity to be faked out as when the sun sets, the pink sky will make the yellow seem much different.

1/9 Roaring Moon

Despite the infuriating hunt posed by Frigibax, you can still find it in outbreaks, which is more than can be said for the elusive Roaring Moon. Much like Iron Valiant, Roaring Moon can usually be found in the cave adjacent to the waterfall in Area Zero. You may be thinking: "Oh, I'll just use a Sparkling Power sandwich and hunt the cave," but it's not as simple as it seems.

Roaring Moon's Dark and Dragon dual typing is cool, but the cave is frequented by several Pokemon of those types, particularly Zweilous which shares both types. No matter which sandwich you use, the spawns will be diluted by other Pokemon not named Roaring Moon. As you hunt, you may want to keep an eye on the sky, as Roaring Moon can also spawn in the air, leaving the possibility that you may not notice a Shiny before it disappears as you get too far away. Luckily, the gold and pale green Shiny palette is obvious, but it's not uncommon to use ten or more sandwiches before you finally capture this elusive Shiny.

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