Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Launching November 18

A brand new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet just dropped, and with it, a launch date of November 18, 2022. Not long to wait now trainers! We also got a glimpse at the two box Legendaries, and saw some new gameplay features, such as four-player co-op and what appeared to be the ability to trade Pokemon anytime, anywhere by simply hurtling a Poke Ball into orbit.

The release date follows similar Pokemon launch windows. Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl came out November 19, 2021.

Scarlet & Violet seem to have taken a lot of lessons from Legends Arceus and the Wild Area from Pokemon Sword & Shield. In the trailer below we got a glimpse at catching mechanics that involve you sneaking up on unsuspecting wild 'mons and several diverse regions ranging from frosty tundras to arid deserts.

As well as the return of some fan favourite mechanics, there are some new and improved ones too. You'll now be able to play with three other friends in four-player co-op, meaning you can feely feel like Ash and his friends embarking on an adventure together.

It also seems like the trading mechanic has been altered to allow players to trade from more places in the overworld, not just in Pokecenters. In the trailer, a ball is launched into the sky and lands right in your hands.

The box Legendaries, Koraidon and Miraodon, appear to embody prehistoric and futuristic parallels, with Koraidon appearing as an ancient lizard while Miraodon looks more like an experimental jet. The game's new professors also appear to mirror these concepts, so it will be interesting to see how past and future collide in the games. They also look a lot like Reshiram and Zekrom, which can fuse with Kyruem – maybe we'll see more of that here.

The region, still unnamed, is also set to be a fully explorable one that you can tackle at your own pace and in whichever way you'd like. Pokemon UK tweeted, "You’ll experience a world you’re free to explore at your leisure—not in an order dictated by the story."

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