Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Victory Road Levincia City Walkthrough

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So you've made some progress in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and are on your way past the gorgeous beaches in the area to the vibrant Electric city of Levincia. There's quite a lot to see here, from the brand-new shops to the many hidden TMs and items around every corner. However, what brings you to Levincia is the popular new streaming gym leader Iono and her Electric-type Pokemon gym battles.

As a part of the Victory Road quest line, Levincia will eventually be one of your stops. It's a huge city, so take time to prepare yourself for battle before challenging her. Iono has a few tricks up her sleeve, but it'll be easy enough to take her down.

How To Get To Levincia City

First things first, you'll need to travel to Levincia. Using Mesagoza as a base, you'll want to travel east through the Mesagoza East gate. If you continue along the main path through the east gate, you'll end up in Artazon town. Feel free to challenge Grass-type gym leader Brassius if you haven't already, or skip him and keep going.

Once you've reached Artazon, continue through the Artazon (East) exit and follow the path outlaid until you cross a bridge and reach East Province (Area Two). From there, follow the path onward until you come to another bridge and a sign noting that you've reached Levincia (South).

Levincia City is massive, but if you walk straight from the south entrance, you'll see Iono's gym on the right-hand side.

Consider catching Ground-type Pokemon on your way since Iono is an Electric-type gym leader, and her Pokemon will generally be weak to Ground-type moves.

Levincia City Gym Challenge

Once you approach the counter and register for the gym battle, you'll be told you must star in one of Iono's streams as a part of her gym challenge. Of course, you'll want to put on a good show and help bolster her subscriptions through the gym challenge. Head outside as instructed for the Iono Zone to begin.

You'll be prompted to respond here and throughout the section, but no matter what you choose, it won't affect any outcomes. There will be slight dialogue differences depending on your choices, however.

During her stream introduction, you'll meet Mr.Walksabout, better known as Director Clavell. You'll have to play hide-and-seek with Mr.Walksabout and find him using the street surveillance cameras.

Find him three times, and you'll pass the gym challenge. Clavell runs off to hide and thus begins, "Where in Levincia Is Mr.Walksabout?"!

Your cursor becomes a magnifying class, and you'll have to find Mr.Walksabout in each location below.

If you need a hint, the camera will eventually slowly zoom in to help you spot Clavell if you do nothing during the search section.

Location One

First Location: You'll notice him on the right-hand side of the screen, sitting at a table, hiding under an outdoor umbrella.

This will be followed up by a battle with Gym Trainer Marti.


This battle is as you would expect. Bring a Ground-type Pokemon, and it'll be over soon enough.

Location Two

Next, you'll have to find Mr.Walksabout once again. For the second location, you'll notice him inside the Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy usually stands.

This is followed up by another gym battle—this time against Gym Trainer Michael.


Another standard battle. This time, however, remember that Tynamo has the levitate ability, so you cannot rely on Ground-type moves such as Bulldoze here. Dispatch his Tynamo and Flaaffy as usual to continue.

Third Location

The third and final location to find Mr.Walksalot will be near the Battle Court. You can find him on a boat to the right, just outside of the battle court circle next to the walkway.

Levincia Town Gym Leader: Iono

It's finally time to take on the full might of Iono. Her Electric-type team is what you'd expect, though she continues to throw a curveball with a Terastallized Pokemon. She'll use her Ghost-Type Mismagius with an Electric Tera Type, so be prepared.

To be safe, run down to the Pokemon Center near the town's south entrance, fully heal your partners, and grab a few potions and revives. You can never be too careful.

Iono's Pokemon are level 23, while her final Pokemon, Mismagius, will be level 24. You should also try to have your party around this level if possible. She only has four Pokemon, but if you're underprepared, you risk getting overwhelmed.

You'll step out onto the Battle court, and the real stream battle will begin.

Mismagius24Ghost (Tera Type Electric)

If you come to this battle having chosen Quaxly as your starter Pokemon, it can be a bit more challenging since he's weak to Electric types. Ensure you've caught backup Pokemon around this level range.

Electric-type Pokemon are super effective against Water-type and Flying-type Pokemon, so keep that in mind when forming a team. They are, however, not very effective against Grass-type or Dragon-type Pokemon, so if your starter is Sprigattito, you'll take less damage and be able to take on Mismagius later on without worry of being hit too hard.

A Pawmo with Dig is a great addition here, as it can Dig underground to avoid attacks, hit Iono's team with their weakness, and absorb Electric attacks with its ability. You'll be able to breeze through Bellibolt and Luxio if you're Pawmo is of the appropriate level.

Mudbray, Gible, Pawmo, Floragato, or other Ground-type Pokemon will make this battle shockingly easy. You'll be rewarded with the TM Volt Switch, prize money, and a brand new gym badge, allowing a higher-level Pokemon to obey you. Take your picture with the famous streamer before continuing on your Victory Road journey.

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