Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Terastal Raid Battle Music Was Composed By Toby Fox

Toby Fox has revealed that he composed the Terastal Raid battle music for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

When Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were revealed earlier in the year, Toby Fox shared in a Tweet that he had composed some songs for the game, claiming that a snippet of his music could be heard in the trailer and that it wouldn't be part of optional content this time around, a reference to Sword & Shield's optional Battle Tower stage that Fox also composed music for.

Despite knowing for some time that Fox had composed music for Scarlet & Violet, it wasn't clear until now when exactly his music would appear. Just a few days ago, Nintendo shared a deeper look at the upcoming Pokemon game, revealing Paldea's core gimmick – Terastalizing. This new mechanic has Pokemon using Terastal crystals to boost their type and upgrade their powers and, similar to Gigantamaxing in Sword & Shield, players will also have to go up against Pokemon using the power themselves in special Terastal Raid battles.

As it turns out, these Terastal Raid battles are one of the sections of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that Toby Fox has composed music for, as revealed by him on Twitter. Fox Tweeted, "You may have heard a little in the Pokémon Presents a bit ago, but I composed the music for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's new Terastal Raid battles! I can't wait to have my Pokémon obliterated by a jewel-covered Fidough! When I was first given this assignment, the game director, Ohmori-san, showed me a Lucario with a gigantic oversized crystal flower coming out of its head and told me it was the new game mechanic. Using this information as a blueprint, I created the song… Hope you enjoy!"

Fox then showed his own interpretation of the drawing of Lucario with a crystal flower, and it's safe to say that it belongs in a museum. It's not clear if these Terastal Raid battles are the "non-optional" part of Scarlet & Violet that Fox was referring to when he originally announced he had composed for the game, or if there's more of his music to be found elsewhere, but we now know at least one place his music will appear in.

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