Pokémon Sword & Shield: Where To Find Dracovish (And Why Competitive Players Need It)

When it comes to the best Pokémon for competitive play in Sword & Shield, you’d be foolish not to mention the lethal beast known as Dracovish. A bizarre, yet intimidating Fossil type Pokémon, Dracovish has quickly become one of the best creatures on the battlefield.

Initially dismissed as some sort of weird “Frankenstein-monster,” Dracovish wasn’t an immediate hit with competitive players. Things started to change when previous video game world champion, Wolfe Glick, began talking about the merits of this odd Pokémon. And when a former champ talks, people take notice.

Glick explained that Dracovish’s signature move, Fishious Rend, can be used to devastating effect — so long as Dracovish is the first to move. With a base power of 85, Fishious Rend isn’t quite the powerhouse move elite players look for. However, when attacking first that doubles to 170, making it one of the most powerful attacks in the game.

Clearly, Dracovish is a Pokémon you’ll want on your side. However, it’s a fairly elusive animal and it does not have an overworld spawn location. If you’re looking to acquire one of your own then you’ve got a bit of a mission to undertake — here’s how to acquire the deadly Dracovish.

First, you’ll have to locate the Fossil Lady on Route 6. This unlocks the ability to combine fossils, something that doesn’t seem thoroughly exciting at first glance. However, if you hand her a Fossilized Fish and a Fossilized Drake, you’ll end up with Dracovish.

As of now, there isn’t another way to pick up this Pokémon. You can’t encounter it on in the Wild Area, it’s not found in Raids, and you can’t trade for it. The Fossil Lady is your only hope.

Thankfully, acquiring the fossils needed for Dracovish (Fossilized Fish and Fossilized Drake) isn’t a momentous task. Players of both Pokémon Sword & Shield will find Fossilized Fish along Route 6. Players of Shield can also snag Fossilized Drakes on Route 6, making life a bit easier. Pokémon Sword gamers will need to hit up the Digging Duo  —near the Pokémon Nursery in Bridge Field — and pay them to dig up some fossils. After a few attempts, you should acquire a Fossilized Drake.

However, the brothers digging abilities aren’t the same. You’re better off having the brother on the left dig fossils for you, as he can find all types of fossils. The brother on the right can dig up a larger quantity of fossils before tiring, but he is not capable of digging up all types of fossils. Long story short — hire the guy on the left!

Once you’ve got your Fossilized Fish and Fossilized Drake, hand them over to the Fossil Lady to create a Dracovish. With a base Defense stat of 100, Attack stat of 90, and HP of 90, you’ll be on your way to dominating opponents in no time. Dracovish is best utilized when it can attack first, and having it hold a Choice Band can make Fishious Rend even more devastating.

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