Pokemon Theory Suggests Golbat And Golduck Reference Kamen Rider Villains

Pokemon Red & Green may have come out in 1996, but it's 27 years later (God, I'm old now) and fans are still coming up with new theories. The latest suggests why Golbat and Golduck share the same prefix despite being seemingly unrelated.

Posted to ResetEra, Birdie believes the unlikely pair reference an '80s Japanese superhero series called Kamen Rider. Wait! Don't go! Hear them out first. Their first inkling is due to the shared prefixes of Gol, leading them to think of the Golgom villains in the show.

These villains are, "three Golgom generals. The leader was a white cockroach, and I think it's possible this ended up turning into Mewtwo. The other two are a bat, and a weird sabertooth cat that has some aquatic powers."

What adds to this theory is the fact "We know from the Index, Golduck and Golbat were added around the same time…also near Mewtwo." Everyone knows Rhydon was the first 'mon designed, but the order for the others has become more known over the years. The post claims "Blastoise was once a separate line that was incorporated into Squirtle's…hence why Wartortle loses a lot of the features it just gained."

So, Golbat and Golduck were added together, alongside Mewtwo, who, now that they mention it, sort of does look like a weird cockroach thing, and they all resemble villains from a show the developers definitely would have grown up watching. It was originally thought Golduck and Psyduck were named the wrong way round, what with one basically being part Psychic type and one being yellow, but this theory could debunk that.

It's a weird theory, but not out of the realm of possibility. Sure, it could all be a coincidence, but it's more likely this was a subtle nod to a show the developers enjoyed as teenagers. Changes happen in development all the time, so maybe the original iteration would have been a lot more obvious.

In other Pokemon news, the final season with Ash and Pikachu will continue on Netflix February 24. It's going to be a teary one for sure, so make sure you've got a box of tissues next to you when you bid the duo farewell.

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