Pokemon Unite: Dragonite Build Guide

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Dragonite is a highly-versatile creature in Pokemon Unite. With its high movement speed and low attack cooldowns, this Dragon Pokemon is a monster that can single-handedly change the tide of matches if given the chance to accrue enough experience points.

Dragonite is a ranged attacker that outputs physical damage. You’ll often find it to be most effective in the early game and the late game, with a slump in the middle as it takes a while for its attacks to upgrade in power.

If you want to know how to play as Dragonite in Pokemon Unite, then we can help you out. This guide will tell you what we think is the best build for Dragonite in Pokemon Unite, as well as point out some tips and tricks that will help you thrive as the pseudo-legendary Pokemon clashes with new foes in the battle arena with its best moves and strategies.

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Build Guide: Best Moves

Dragonite players should primarily use Dragon Breath at the start of matches to deal damage, as it will boost your Basic Attack after each hit. When Dragon Dance (level five) and Outrage (level eight) become available, Dragonite should become the team’s close-up brawler.

At that point, the combat strategy for a Dragonite should be to use Dragon Dance to engage with the opponent, then activate Outrage to boost their strength and dole out as many basic attacks as possible.

Attack an enemy target with a Basic Attack if you can after using either of these special moves, as Dragonite’s cooldowns decrease by one second for each strike that lands on a foe. This is crucial to remember, as the sooner those timers have reset, the sooner you can use your special moves again!

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Build Guide: Best Items

As a frontline brawler, Dragonite players will want to equip Weakness Policy, as it will give them higher attack stats as their health gets ever-lower from enemy strikes. We suggest that they also equip a Focus Band and a Buddy Barrier.

Focus Band will increase Dragonite’s Defense Stat by up to 30 points, depending on its level. This should help it be more durable in general. Buddy Barrier in the other item slot will give the Pokemon and its nearby allies a chunk of temporary health points after any time it activates its Unite move Draco Impact, further increasing Dragonite’s ability to survive in combat.

Top that off with an Eject Button, which is like the Blink Dagger from DOTA2 that will give Dragonite even more range and mobility than the Dragon Dance move can on its own. Eject Button has a quite long cooldown, so Dragonite players need to pick and choose when to use it carefully.

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Build Guide: Best Playstyle

While it’s possible to be a good “Jungle Dragonite”, we more often than not found that it was not necessary to abandon a lane like that unless you’re starting to actively struggle in fights. Dragonite players are typically better off in the bottom lane, stopping the opponents there from growing stronger with their own fairly high early-game attack power.

Dragonite has one of the longest attack ranges in the game, but can be rather vulnerable against lane controllers like Crustle, Slowbro, and Gengar. It may be tempting for a Dragonite player to dash out there on their own when they start to feel how strong they are in their final evolution at Level eight, but that is almost always a bad idea. Teamwork is crucial for most Pokemon and Dragonite is no exception.

Pokemon that can heal their team like Blissey or Eldegoss are an ideal lane partner for Dragonite, as they will allow it to remain in the fray longer and output more damage. Failing that, try to team up with a Pokemon that can interrupt foes with the Sleep status effect like Snorlax or Wigglytuff, so they can set up your special moves and help with escapes when you find yourself in hot water.

Dragonite Stats in Pokemon Unite

There are Dragonite’s base stats in Pokemon Unite, showing its incremental but substantial improvement between Level 1 and Level 15.

LevelHPDefenseSpecial DefenseAttack Damage*

*The Attack Damage stat here is for the Basic Attack and is the raw number before interacting with an opponent’s defense stat or any in-game items.

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