PowerWash And Final Fantasy 7 Are Crossing Over With Tifa’s Bar In New DLC

PowerWash Simulator was one of 2022's most unexpected hits. Turns out more people than you might think take pleasure in virtually washing stuff with a powerful jet of water. The simulator got so much traction in 2022 that it has been teaming up with some major properties in 2023, and next on your power washing to-do list will be various locations from Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Announced through the Square Enix Extreme Edges account (thanks, GamesHub), PowerWash Simulator's Final Fantasy crossover has been dubbed the Midgar Special Pack. Powerwashers will be summoned to Midgar to help freshen up a number of items and locations. Topping the bill is Seventh Heaven, the bar in which Tifa, Cloud, Barrett, and Aerith hide out and plot Shinra's demise.

Seventh Heaven isn't the only thing in Midgar in serious need of a clean. The Midgar Special Request DLC will also include a mucky version of Cloud's Hardy-Daytona motorbike for players to clean, and perhaps most exciting of all, a massive Guard Scorpion mech. The mech presumably won't spring to life and start attacking you, but getting into all those nooks and crannies with your jetstream might actually be more difficult than taking the mech down.

Although a PowerWash Simulator x Final Fantasy crossover might seem like a collab brought about by gaming gods simply picking games out of a hat and forcing them together, there's logic to it. The simulator and the Final Fantasy series are both published by the same studio, Square Enix. It's the same reason why a Tomb Raider x PowerWash Simulator collab has already been announced.

While a release date for the Final Fantasy 7 team-up hasn't been announced yet, PowerWash's Tomb Raider content goes live today. The free DLC will let players spruce up Lara Croft's mansion. Maybe you can let the butler out of the freezer while you're there. The undated Final Fantasy 7 DLC will also be free. Powerwashing is work after all, why should you be expected to pay for it?

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