Previous Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Build Played Like Destiny, According To Report

We might not have seen much of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf so far, but we do know it had to go through a whole lot of trial and error to get to where it is today. Builds of the sequel have been scrapped multiple times, with production restarting on two separate occasions that we know about. And now, we have some more insight into one of these previous versions of Dreadwolf – and how it's impacting the current build.

According to sources speaking to Insider Gaming, the second version of Dreadwolf – a multiplayer game – borrowed some elements from Destiny. In this build of the game, players would have returned to a central hub between missions, presumably regrouping before heading out on missions that other players could assist them with.

In the report, one of the sources explains what the previous build of Dreadwolf entailed. "The game felt a bit like Destiny with a central hub where players could probably regroup before heading into the next mission," they say.

However, the source also explains that this idea of having a central hub has been carried over into the single-player Dreadwolf. This hub will also act as an area for your companions to hang out between missions, perhaps similar to Skyhold in Inquisition, or the party camp in Origins. This time around, the report says we'll head to missions through a portal, making the most of the weird and wonderful magic that Tevinter is known for.

This suggests that some of the multiplayer elements are being carried over into this new version of the game, although it's not known for certain if this is the case. Despite Inquisition launching in 2014, we know remarkably little about Dreadwolf, as we still haven't seen a gameplay trailer or a firm release date. With any luck, we'll get more news throughout 2023, even if this report heavily implies that the game won't actually launch until at least 2024, with a more recent release being described as "optimistic".

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