PS Now Seems To Be Making Ratatouille Show Up On PSN For $99.99

Ratatouille and other PS3 titles are appearing on the PlayStation Store for $99.99, and it seems to be due to PS Now.

A Tweet from Twitter user tn_was showing Ratatouille selling for $99.99 on the PlayStation Store went viral over the past couple of days, gaining over 40k likes in just 24 hours. Although this has mostly been met with memes about how good the Ratatouille game is and jokes about how it's worth every penny, it has caused some to wonder why it's happening.

Another Twitter user pointed out that it was the same case for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, which can also be seen selling for $99.99. This makes it pretty clear that it's actually to do with the games being on PS Now. If you're not subscribed, Sony will show these games as the highest subscription price for the service, which is $99.99.

Interestingly, it doesn't show this way when looking for the game on PS5, implying that the original poster has found the game like this on a PS4. Although both the PS4 and PS5 have the same games on the store, they have different UI and the PS4 seems to be showing options that aren't available anymore.

After trying to find Ratatouille on PSN ourselves to verify if it was really showing for that much money, clicking on the game would simply say "Subscribe" in reference to PS Now. Clicking on that link would show an error, which is surely to do with PS Now merging with PS Plus.

Although some might think that the price of the game is also to do with the impending changes to PS Now and its transition over to different tiers of the service, but this has actually been the case for some time now. A Reddit user pointed out the same thing back in 2019, proving that it's been this way for some time, but that it's only really just been noticed because of that Tweet going viral. Who's looking to play Ratatouille in 2022, anyway?

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