PS4 update 6.51 patch notes: New PlayStation download out TODAY, here’s what it does

PS4 update 6.51 is out now and available to download, with patch notes revealing what the latest Sony PlayStation update does.

PS4 update 6.51 will need to be downloaded to continue to connect to PSN and play games online.

PS4 update 6.51 weighs in at 463MB and is now available to download for PlayStation fans in all regions across the globe.

Despite the considerable file size PS4 update 6.51 does not offer any major updates.

The patch notes for the latest PS4 update says: “This system software update improves system performance”.

PS4 update 6.51 comes as PSN fans are waiting for the highly anticipated Online ID change feature that’s coming in early 2019.

The previous PS4 firmware update – patch 6.50 – introduced new features such as Remote Play on iOS devices and more.

The patch notes for it said: “You can now enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices. You can use(PS4 Remote Play) to connect to your PS4 system from devices such as smartphones and tablets. Download(PS4 Remote Play) from the App Store.

“You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Niconico Live. This service is available only in certain countries and regions

“You can now change the button assignment to perform “Enter” operations from the button to the button.

“Select (Settings) > [System], and then select the checkbox for [UseButton for Enter]. This option is available only for specific countries and regions.”

The news comes after PS4 fans have found out the latest games coming to PlayStation Plus.

Yesterday Sony revealed the upcoming new selection of free PS4 games in PS Plus April 2019 line-up.

The PS Plus April 2019 line-up is headlined by Conan Exiles and The Surge.

Here are the descriptions for the upcoming free PS4 games…

CONAN EXILES: Drawing inspiration from classic barbarian tales, survival adventure Conan Exiles winds back the clock to the very dawn of civilisation, casting you as a forgotten exile abandoned alone in the desert for crimes unknown.

Starting out with nothing but a loin cloth, you’ll have to explore this vast, hostile world, gathering materials, crafting tools and carving out a new life for yourself.

Exploring a shared online space, you’ll have the chance to meet other players, build settlements and bases together, and even raise your own armed fortresses as you advance your mission to dominate this treacherous environment

THE SURGE: From the creators of brutal medieval action-adventure Lords of the Fallen comes a challenging sci-fi spin on the hardcore action RPG genre.

Take on the role of new staff member Warren who, following a trying first day on the job, awakens to the aftermath of some unknown cataclysm to find his new workplace devastated by out-of-control machines.

Explore the twisting maze-like environment of the CREO research facility, fending off haywire tech, scavenging new parts and weapons, rescuing survivors and unlocking the secrets of this vast, abandoned facility.

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