PS5 games shock: BEST PlayStation exclusive getting next-gen remake

Possibly the finest PlayStation exclusive ever made may be coming to the PS5.

According to a new report, Bloodborne may be getting remastered for the next-gen Sony console.

Not only that, but Sony may also bring the Bloodborne remake to the PC.

That’s according to industry insider Sloth Mom, who tweets:”So, about that Bloodborne PC port. You would’ve been hearing about it today anyway, because as far as I understand it, it was due to be announced at the now-delayed PS5 event that was scheduled for today.

“Now, I said earlier I’d share more info about it. So, what I can confirm is that it’s not just a PC port of Bloodborne, what was supposed to be revealed today was a Bloodborne Remastered/HD edition that was coming for PS5 and PC.

“I don’t know of any release date as of yet.”

Perhaps surprisingly given that it’s only a few years old, the Bloodborne remaster will be handled by a brand new studio.

This suggests that the From Software game will get more than just a quick graphical upgrade.

In a follow-up tweet, Sloth Mom writes: “The last detail I’ll share is that FromSoft themselves are not doing the port, but that the company doing the remaster are one that I have a huge amount of faith in judging by other games they’ve ported.

“I will not share who that company is, but you sincerely won’t be let down.”

Bloodborne made its PS4 debut to critical acclaim back in March 2015.

“Hunt your nightmares,” reads the official description. “A lone traveller. A cursed town. A deadly mystery that swallows everything it touches.

“Face your fears as you enter the decaying city of Yharnam, a forsaken place ravaged by a terrible, all-consuming illness. Scour its darkest shadows, fight for your life with blades and guns and discover secrets that will make your blood run cold – but just might save your skin…”

The release of the main game was followed by an expansion titled The Old Hunters.

Fans can pick up the entire package as part of the ‘Game of the Year Edition’, which is currently priced at £29.99.

It’s likely the rumoured remake would contain both the original game and expansion, although we’ll have to wait and see.

Sony is also said to be working on a remake of From Software’s PS3 hit Demon’s Souls, which first appeared in 2009.

Development of the new and improved Demon’s Souls will allegedly be handled by Shadow of the Colossus Remake studio Bluepoint Games.

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