PS5 Launches Without A Web Browser

Sony confirms that the PS5 will not have a web browser at launch, and may never have one at all.

The release of the PS5 is almost upon us. By this time tomorrow, some people in some parts of the world will have their PlayStation-created next-gen console. People in other countries will have to wait another week. Regardless of release date, some people have already gotten to grips with the PS5 and started to discover what the console can do, and also some things that it can’t do.

It has been revealed that you can play PS5 games using a DualShock 4, but only when streaming from a PS5 to a PS4. It also has a play time counter that will allow you to see exactly how long you have played each game. It has even been counting retroactively and will include stats on PS4 games too.

As for what the PS5 does not have, there is no web browser app. What’s more, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior vice president Hideaki Nishino confirmed to Push Square that there are no plans to ever add one. Sony believes that between all the apps that are now available via PlayStation, there is really no need for a web browser on the console anymore.

Nishino certainly has a point. It would appear that one of the only things people were using the PS4’s web browser for was to watch adult content. According to stats provided by PornHub, 51.5% of all of the site’s console traffic was through PS4. It’s unclear how many people used their console to access the site in total, but the more worrying finding from those numbers is 0.4% of its console traffic was through a Nintendo 3DS.

Other than that, the only real uses for a console web browser in 2020 are to stream TV shows and movies illegally or to quickly find a guide for a particular game if you don’t have your phone handy. Since no one should be accessing content illegally, and using a console’s web browser to find a guide is trickier than doing so on a separate device, we may never see the app on a PlayStation console ever again.

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