PUBG Dev Might Be Working On A Sci-Fi Open World Game

We might be getting an all new game from the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it doesn’t look like a battle royale.

If you’re currently unaware of what’s going on in the world of PUBG, you really can’t be blamed because it’s a lot, and a bit confusing too. PUBG recently announced New State, a new version of the immensely popular, PUBG Mobile. Additionally rumours have also hinted at a full-on sequel to PUBG. Add to all of that this latest bit of news.

As spotted by GameRant, this information comes via @PlayerIGN, an industry insider who spotted some interesting job listings in the Art and Development departments for a project called ‘Vertical’ at PUBG Corp. The insider was responsible for predicting the announcement of PUBG: New State in a similar manner last year, so they know what they’re doing.

PlayerIGN further added that Vertical will be an open world sci-fi shooter running on a pre-built Unreal 4 Engine. They also approximated that the game should be ready for release in a year or two. Based on this we can say that project Vertical isn’t the rumoured PUBG 2 we’ve been hearing about, unless the developers have decided to greatly deviate from the battle royale genre.

However, looking at Activision’s joint Call of Duty universe which connects Warzone, Zombies and Modern Warfare, it wouldn’t be out of the question for PUBG to try something similar. On one hand, we’ll have the traditional battle royale, mixed in with project Vertical which could be a single player or multiplayer PvE experience. “Being that Project Vertical is made by PUBG Studio and in Korea, I can’t see this as not being part of the PUBG IP,” PlayerIGN further added.

While project Vertical may be a while away, you can dive into PUBG’s April Fool’s game mode, which has been extended by popular demand. Titled POBG, this minigame can be found in the main menu and will have you face off against murderous chickens in a top-down shooter.

PUBG recently announced an integration with Reddit that will allow you to link your game account to your Reddit one. This integration will showcase your platform of choice and mastery level, while also giving you a “very cool PUBG trophy” to display.

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