PUBG Developer Planning Escape From Tarkov-Like Extraction Shooter

PUBG publisher Krafton revealed in an earnings report that it's working on a new game dubbed Project Black Budget, an Escape From Tarkov and Warzone 2 DMZ-like extraction shooter developed by PUBG Studios that has a fairly ambitious goal – popularising the genre.

The actual project was revealed back in 2022, though it was only said to be a "PvPvE looter shooter". Krafton has since clarified what that means, moving away from assumptions of a Destiny 2 or Outriders-like game (as reported by The Loadout).

Krafton described the project as having "an ever-changing PvPvE open-world and satisfying gunplay that delivers unpredictable and exciting experiences". And as for what platform it will launch on, Krafton said that it's "considering" PC, consoles, and mobile.

Project Black Budget is aiming to launch in 2024 or 2025, bringing us to two releases in 2024 and four in 2025. We know that one is Project Gold Rush, described as "a compelling PvPvE sandbox" that may be more akin to Fortnite than PUBG, while the other is a new Subnautica game.

Little else is known about Project Black Budget. However, it does appear to be PUBG Studios' primary development focus going forward as it reportedly scrapped plans for PUBG 2, reworking ideas and content into the original game. And while a platform hasn't been decided yet, given the continued success of PUBG Mobile and New State, with it making more than its PC and console versions, this new extraction shooter launching for mobile seems inevitable.

New State and PUBG Mobile are successes for Krafton, but it also recently launched The Callisto Protocol, a Dead Space spiritual successor. It did not meet expectations, as Krafton was aiming to sell five million copies of the game, but it has only sold two million as of writing. To boot, The Callisto Protocol wasn't as big of a hit with critics and users as expected, sitting at a 70 Metacritic score and a 6.9 user score. While not terrible, it's certainly lower than anticipated.

Whether Callisto Protocol can claw its way to that five million remains to be seen, but for the time being, Krafton is pushing on with several new projects.

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