Pyra And Mythra Will Officially Join The Smash Ultimate Roster March 5

Pyra and Mythra will be playable in Smash Ultimate later today, or in the early hours of tomorrow depending on where you are in the world.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai showed off exactly what you can expect from the newest fighter Pyra/Mythra today during a lengthy presentation. The best news of all came towards the end of the stream when Sakurai revealed the new fighter will be officially added to the roster later today. Or tomorrow for those of you outside the US.

Confusion arose on Twitter when Smash fans started to argue over when exactly Pyra and Mythra will be available to download, or added to your roster if you’ve bought the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Nintendo hasn’t given an exact time, but it seems the update will go live towards the end of today (March 4, 2021) in the US, so in the early hours of March 5 for Europe, Japan, and anywhere else in the world ahead of EST.

Now for the important stuff, what exactly Sakurai showed off during the presentation. Those of you who saw the reveal, or who have played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, will know that Pyra and Mythra are technically two versions of the same character. Players will be able to switch freely between the two during battle. It’s similar to the Zelda/Sheik dynamic from previous Smash games before Sheik became her own character.

That might mean Pyra and Mythra will one day be separated too and have the ability to battle each other. That further lessens the chances of Rex finally joining the fight. The above presentation did reveal Rex has made it into Smash Ultimate, even if it isn’t as a playable character. The poor omitted Rex appears on the character’s victory screen. He also cheers them on during a taunt and hands them their sword for a Final Smash.

Pyra and Mythra were the fourth Fighters Pass Vol. 2 announcements, and the ninth DLC added to Smash Ultimate overall. Two slots remain in the current Fighters Pass which means the speculation as to who else will make it into the game can continue. It has been hinted that no more DLC will be added after that, and also that future Smash rosters won’t be as big as Ultimates.

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