Quantic Dream Announces Under The Waves For 2023

Quantic Dream has announced a brand-new game called Under the Waves where you explore a city submerged underwater, coming in 2023. You can wishlist it right now.

It's being developed by French company Parallel Studio, and published by Quantic Dream. You might know the name thanks to its own projects – Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, and Beyond: Two Souls.

You can pick up Under the Waves on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC in 2023, with a debut reveal trailer showing off the story and gameplay. You play as Stan, a diver who is wading through civilisation's buried ruins, using flares to light up the deep dark.

Quantic Dream itself is working on Star Wars Eclipse, a whole new story in the world of lightsabers and force pushes, only it might not release until 2027 according to insiders who allege that it's struggling to attract new developers. According to insider Jeff Grubb, the hiring issues are down to the allegations against Quantic Dream, allegations that have sparked fan backlash demanding that the game be cancelled with #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse even trending on Twitter.

If you aren't aware, for context, Quantic Dream has been in the news lately for allegations of unhealthy work culture, something that has been aired at the studio since 2018. This unhealthy work culture consists of reported crunch, abusive language, pornography, and an employee even Photoshopping a co-worker onto bodies of Nazis and half-naked women.

The studio also came under fire due to allegations against Quantic Dream head David Cage himself of rampant homophobia and sexism.

Cage later responded to these allegations earlier this year, dubbing them a "smear campaign", denying the allegations: "We are not perfect by any means. But are we the kind of studio that was described? Our employees have said repeatedly: it's not true. Can we improve? Yes. Have we made mistakes in the past? Probably."

Regardless, many in the community, whether they're fans, YouTubers, authors, etc., are calling on LucasArts to end its partnership with the company.

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