Quantum Error Developer Confirms “Several Boss Fights” In Campaign

According to the developers of Quantum Error, the game will include a variety of bosses for the player to face in this supernatural, sci-fi horror.

The news came shortly after a new reveal trailer demonstrated the basic mechanics and premise of the horror thriller. In addition to the standard enemies, such as the zombies showcased, the player can also expect several cosmic horror bosses similar to the kind found on the pages of H. P. Lovecraft’s works.

This is according to a report released by Segment Next which relays the updates given by those working on the project at Teamkill Media. Apparently the enemies in the game will all be part of the same hive mind and work in tandem to attack and harass the player. The zombies, known as Human Left-Overs, will rarely be alone. Instead, they’ll coordinate together to overwhelm and outnumber the player.

Apart from some hints at cosmic horror, hive minds, and the fact that each of the bosses are “very distinct from one another” the developers have been vague regarding the appearance and nature of the bosses. One thing they have made clear is that if gamers enjoyed the Dead Space, DOOM, F.E.A.R., or Resident Evil franchises they’ll “absolutely love” this game.

Given the information revealed through the developer’s own words and the trailer, it’s not hard to imagine large monstrosities like the Leviathan, a tentacled horror the size of a house from Dead Space, lurking in the ocean depths. It could also be that the bosses will have once been human but had their bodies twisted and mutated into unrecognizable shapes like many bosses in Resident Evil.

Considering the Human Left-Overs in the trailer had supernatural powers, such as the ability to shut off the lights and either phase through or dematerialize a broken metal door, facing a boss with such abilities could be quite the challenge and make for an interesting fight.

Some are bewildered that the developers are keeping fans in the dark about the bosses they’ll encounter considering this is typically a major selling point in these kinds of games. Doom Eternal showcased at least a dozen different enemies in its reveal trailer for example. It could be that Teamkill Media is still working on the bosses and only has early concept designs and don’t want to mislead their fans with content that might change.

It could also be that, like the cosmic horror genre, sometimes not knowing exactly what you’ll be facing makes those entities much more terrifying when the time finally comes.

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