Rambo and Die Hard bundles for Call Of Duty cost a massive £33.58

Activision has finally announced the price of playing as Rambo or John McClane in Call Of Duty: Warzone and Cold War and it is not cheap.

If you were looking to play as Rambo or John McClane in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Warzone then they’re both now available to download, but only for a very hefty price.

Despite all the details that were announced earlier in the week the one that was left out was how much the bundles, which include the new operators and various associated weapons and extras, would cost.

Now it’s been revealed as 2,400 COD Points each, which translates to £33.58 in real money, if you want to get them both.

2,400 COD Points costs £16.79 – easily the price of at least one indie game – from the in-game shop and £33.58 is more than halfway to the cost of the whole of Black Ops Cold War itself.

That has been the standard price for other high-end Call Of Duty DLC bundles, although the difference this time is that the 80s action hero ones are only available for a month, which adds some extra pressure for players to buy them now.

Clearly Activision knows exactly what it’s doing with all this and it’s no wonder they, and other publishers like EA and Ubisoft, now make much more money from the sale of microtransactions than they do the actual games.

Technically Activision isn’t doing anything wrong here, and this clearly is all extra content created specifically for the current 80s version of the map, but it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth… and an unwelcomingly large hole in your wallet.

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