Red Dead Online: Best Pig Hunting Locations

It might not be your typical hunting trip, but wrangling pigs presents its own set of challenges. Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t exactly draw a clear line between hunting and poaching. Still, after jumping fences to pick off cows, goats, and chickens, among other farm animals, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that players may have to wrestle a swine or two for challenges in Red Dead Online.

Of course, pigs are classified like other domesticated farm animals and therefore run the risk of placing a bounty on your head if there happen to be any witnesses to the kill. That and farmers don’t take kindly to folk poaching their herds, so you’ll likely have to deal with aggressive measures taken by landowners. Of course, such trivial repercussions are a slap on the wrist for an outlaw such as yourself, so here are the best locations for pig wrestling in RDR2 and RDO.

Best Pig Locations

New Austin

Pigs are only kept at one location in New Austin, and that is the town of Armadillo.

New Hanover

  • Valentine keeps several pigs within the town borders in three separate locations, but of course, you’ll have to be extra careful poaching within towns.
  • The farm southwest of Valentine also houses pigs. It sits in the center of the upper bend in the Dakota River.
  • In the southern region of The Heartlands, pigs can be found around Flatneck Station.
  • East of the station lies Granger’s Hoggery, which shouldn’t disappoint if the title is anything to go by.
  • There are also a couple of locations in the lower parts of Roanoke Ridge where you may find pigs.
    • Check the establishment southeast of the Elysian Pool, headed towards the abandoned Van Horn Trading Post.
    • Pigs may also be found near the Kamassa River further south, close to the Lemoyne border.


    • Pigs are most abundant in the easternmost region of Saint Denis down in the Bayou Nwa. But once again, you’ll need to keep a lookout for any problematic witnesses being in a city.
    • The city of Rhodes keeps a much smaller population of pigs by comparison, but you might as well stop if you’re in the area.

    Braithwaite Manor also keeps a little herd of pigs on the grounds, to the west near the shores of Flat Iron Lake.

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