Red Dead Online Debuts “A New Source Of Employment” With Three New Solo-Missions

For those without a posse, the old west can be a desolate and lonely place, sometimes going for miles before coming across another living soul. For some, however, that’s exactly how they like it – being lone wolves who reap the benefits of what they sow in its entirety. If this sounds like your style of play in Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games is about to make your solo endeavors even more lucrative.

Beginning today, players can take part in “A New Source of Employment” – a brand-new way to make money in Red Dead Online, specifically for those who enjoy taking on dangerous and rewarding activities by themselves.

These money-making opportunities can be accessed via Telegram, which can be obtained from any Post Office or player Camp, regardless of your Rank or Role in Red Dead Online. Once obtained, check your satchel to read more about the opportunity and decide for yourself whether or not the risk is worth the reward.

The missions take place across various areas of Red Dead Online’s massive open world, including the states of New Hanover, Lemoyne, and New Austin. Although the first three Telegram missions are designed specifically for solo players, they’ll take place in their own sessions, keeping the chaos and tomfoolery of Free Roam from interfering with your mission. Even better, all of the missions are able to be replayed, each time becoming more difficult, but with a higher payout for successfully completing the mission.

Here’s a breakdown of the first three A New Source of Employment solo missions, courtesy of Rockstar Games:

  • A One Horse Deal

The Braithwaites are negotiating a deal to buy a prized, untamed white Arabian racehorse from Emerald Ranch. Your task will be to intercept the deal, tame the unpredictable beast, an deliver the steed to your contact. This is a highly valued horse, so expect guards to give pursuit.

  • Rich Pickings

Rumor has it that the mayor of Saint Denis is busy lining his pockets with seized jewels smuggled into the States. The Mayor keeps his stash in his tightly guarded manor — break in, snatch the gems, and get back out alive.

  • Outrider

A wagon is making its way out of Brittlebrush Trawl, requiring a skilled individual to provide backup against attackers and roadblocks en route. Whether you escort on horseback or ride shotgun is up to you, but if the driver dies it’s on you to get the wagon to its destination by any means necessary — and don’t ask too many questions about the cargo.

A New Source of Employment is available today in Red Dead Online.

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