Red Dead Online: Where To Find Perch And Yarrow

Hunting and gathering are two activities you’ll be doing a lot of in Red Dead Online, but there are some animals and plants that are a bit harder to track down than others. If you’re looking to get your hands on the elusive Perch fish or Yarrow plant, this guide will show you just where to look.

You don’t need to be a fisherman or herbalist to need the occasional fish or plant in Red Dead Online. Plants and animals can be used for all kinds of things, or you may need them for a specific mission. Either way, there are a ton of different types of fishes and plants all across the frontier, so remembering where to find any specific type is nearly impossible. If you’re on the hunt for some Perch and Yarrow, these are the places you need to go.

How To Get Perch And Yarrow In Red Dead Online

Starting off with the fish, the Perch is a smaller fish that comes in two types: common and Legendary. We’ll go over where to find both, and the best ways to fish for them.

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Common Perch

The common variant of the Perch is a small fish that can be found in the lakes and rivers in the Northern part of the map. They tend to show up in the same bodies of water as Redfin Pickerel and Chain Pickerel, so if you’re catching those you’re in the right spot. The best locations would be any of the lakes or rivers North of Valentine, like the rivers and likes running through Grizzlies West such as Cattail Pond.

When casting for a common Perch, the Bread Bait is the best to lure them in. After that just cast your line, wait for a bite, and reel in your catch. The small type should be no problem to reel in.

Legendary Perch

The Legendary Perch is not all that different from the common type in terms of technique. You’ll fish them as normal, but this type can only be found in a specific location and caught with a unique lure. You’ll need to make your way to the Elysian Pool, South of Annesburg and between New Hanover. Rather than cast from the shore, though, you get a much better view of the water, and cleaner cast, by swimming out to a rock in the middle of the water and fishing from there.

Make sure you equip the Special Lake Lure, but otherwise there’s not much of a trick to catching the Legendary Perch aside from keeping your line away from the rocks.

Yarrow Location

Yarrow is a fantastic plant to stock up on as an easy way to restore your HP, or as a material to make medicine. If you’re looking to complete the Herbalist challenge you’ll have to go out and collect six of these anyway, so it’s worth it to know where to look.

The best areas in Red Dead Online to pick some Yarrow are the grassy and forest type environments. Because Yarrow is a big red flower you shouldn’t have too hard a time spotting them in the wild, but Eagle Eye can always make things a little easier. A few specific spots to start your search are around The Heartlands in New Hannover, South of Rhodes, and to the North of Bolger Glade. Yarrow isn’t terribly rare, so keep your eyes open for them any time you’re passing through an open field or lush forest area.

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