Remember, You Can Take Down Enemies With Your Boots In Baldur’s Gate 3

Belgian-based developer Larian Studios, best known for its mostly serious, often hilarious action roleplaying series Divinity: Original Sin, recently launched highly-anticipated RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 in Early Access.

Way back in February, Larian proved it had the mettle to tackle Baldur’s Gate 3 by showcasing some particularly intriguing takes on combat. Essentially, Larian founder and director Swen Vincke took to the stage at PAX East 2020 in order to share some very important footage of his character launching their boot at an opponent’s head. The enemy took four damage and died, having been taken out by the D&D equivalent of a fresh pair of Timbs. What a way to go.

It’s worth hearkening back to this now that Baldur’s Gate 3 is finally available to play. While you may already have your Tiefling warlock designed, or have lofty aspirations for how to build your dwarven soldier, it’s important to always remember the basics. Spells — like the Mage Hand cantrip, which Vincke also showed back at PAX as he remotely nudged an unsuspecting enemy off of a cliff — are useful, and swords can come in handy on occasion. But using your boots as weapons is a statement that all of us should strive to make.

This kind of thoughtfulness extends to the rest of Baldur’s Gate 3 too. For example, an earlier press demo proved that players can easily sneak into a dungeon, pickpocket their enemies’ weapons, and start the encounter with a significantly easier fight. Make sure you pickpocket their boots too, though, unless you want them to use your own tricks against you.

Developers from Larian have stated that the game is a passion project for them, and it shows. Although players can only play through the first act of the game in Early Access, which in and of itself isn’t exactly perfectly polished, the game is very clearly based on the current edition rules for D&D, which allow for as much improvisation as the game master permits. Baldur’s Gate 3 is built with an engine that is flexible enough to allow throwing boots, tripping monsters over cliffs, and probably seducing as many people as one’s charisma stat will allow.

The question remains: does damage scale for what kind of boots you’re wearing? Will basic bottom tier boots only do minimum damage? What about enchanted boots, or heavy greaves? Testing that out: talk about a great way to spend an hour!

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