Resident Evil 8 story spoilers and ending leaked online

Hackers have leaked screenshots and cut scenes from Resident Evil 8 online, but don’t worry as this story is still spoiler free.

Last month, Capcom was hit by a severe ransomware attack and the group responsible got its hands on a lot of confidential materials regarding Capcom’s upcoming plans.

Since then, the group has been releasing these materials online for all to see. So far, this has included a purported release schedule, which has potentially given away unannounced games.

But today’s leak is possibly the most damaging as it includes details of cut scenes, boss fights, and even the ending for Resident Evil 8 (officially titled Resident Evil Village).

We won’t be repeating any of the information here but the leak also includes new characters and enemies, screenshots, and marketing plans, all of which have apparently come from an early development build of the game.

The hacker group initially demanded a ransom from Capcom to return the stolen materials, but the publisher refused to pay up.

Anyone who wishes to remain unspoiled will want to be extra careful around online forums like Reddit and ResetEra, especially when Resident Evil 8 is the subject.

It has been noted that it’s possible the leaked content comes from an outdated version of the game; thus, it could be different to the final product, but that’s not certain and it doesn’t undermine the severity of the situation.

Resident Evil Village’s story is possibly one of its most important features, as promotional material has depicted series regular Chris Redfield as a potential antagonist.

Chris’ possible villain status has been a key talking point, with some fans theorising that it may not actually be Chris but someone else using his name.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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