Retailer Simply Games in trouble as pre-orders refunded

Customers are worried that the Simply Games website has been down since February, with many reporting that pre-orders have been cancelled.

Although officially the website is still undergoing ‘scheduled maintenance’, there hasn’t been any sign of life from retailer Simply Games since February and more and more customers are reporting their pre-orders have been cancelled.

Simply Games is one of the UK’s favourite independent retailers and notorious for breaking release dates, often sending copies to customers three or four days before their launch.

Of course, nowadays digital downloads are the preferred way to buy games and that, no doubt, has led to the current difficulties, even if it’s not clear exactly how serious they are.

Simply Games itself has not clarified what’s going on and there’s been no update on their social media since the website went down.

The most obvious proof that something bad is happening though is that customers have reported that their pre-orders for recent games such as Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga are being refunded, implying that the company cannot fulfil them.

It’s good to know that Simply Games is not trying to cut and run, which is just as you’d expect given its trusted reputation, but it’s unclear if it’s ever going to emerge from the current problems.

Simply Games has had several owners over the years and it’s not hard to imagine that the problems caused by the pandemic, including the relative paucity of new games being released, has been an additional, and insurmountable, problem.

We’ll update this article if there’s an official announcement or if it’s clear exactly what’s going on.

We are currently implementing changes to our internal systems and reviewing our pre-order process which is why we only have a limited display of products at the current time. This should be completed within the coming weeks and new titles will then be added to the website.

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