Riot Games Releases VALORANT Merch Line

A new VALORANT clothing merch line is available for purchase, developer Riot Games revealed yesterday. The collection features VALORANT-themed apparel items, including T-shirts and sweatshirts. All items are now available through Riot’s online merch store, ranging from $30-65.

VALORANT developer Riot Games has officially released the game’s first merch line, with all items going up for sale yesterday. The collection focuses on VALORANT’s characters, with ties to the game’s first Episode, Ignition. The line currently only features two T-shirts and three sweatshirts, though a VALORANT hat was also available previously through the company’s merch store.

The first listed item, the VALORANT Ignition hoodie, is available for $65. The white-out hoodie features an image of VALORANT agents Jett and Phoenix, with fine-print text listing their in-game roles. The sweatshirt has more printed design on the sides, and a VALORANT logo tag on the hem. The back features an English “FIRE” decal, overlaid by Korean text, matching Jett’s country of origin.

One other pullover hoodie is available, along with a similar zip-up hoodie, both listed under the name VALORANT PRTCL. Both are navy blue with colorful accents, and each are listed at $65. “VLRNT” is written front-and-center on the pullover hoodie, which also features multilingual text around the hood and the full VALORANT name written on the arm.

The zip-up PRTCL hoodie features dark text on the front, which designates it as part of the “classified” Ignition protocol. “VLRNT PRTCL” is also revealed on the back when the hood is pulled up. The sweatshirt has a bright neon red and blue design on the inside of the hood, and bright red accents on the zippers and drawstrings.

Each of the VALORANT T-shirts are available for $30. The VALORANT Agents T-shirt features each of the game’s original playable agents, with “VLRNT” written across them. Half of the agents are depicted in black-and-white, while the others are shown in red. The VALORANT PRTCL T-shirt has the VALORANT name in bright red across the front, with “VLRNT PRTCL” written on the side.

The company has not yet confirmed whether more items will be added in the future. Each of these items are available now in Riot Games’ online merch store.

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