Riot Increases Server Capacity By 25% As More VALORANT Beta Keys Drop

The closed beta for Riot Games’ new first-person tactical shooter VALORANT has officially gone live, open to the lucky fans who have been granted access via Twitch loot drops. Riot Games has reassured those who are yet to gain access, stating that drops are now running 24 hours a day, and the closed beta’s server capacity has been increased by 25%.

VALORANT closed beta keys began dropping on April 3rd, and picked up again on the 7th, when the beta went live. By linking their Twitch and Riot accounts and watching designated streams, hopeful fans were eligible to gain access to the closed beta. 25,000 accounts were reportedly whitelisted on April 3rd, and approximately 100,000 more were given access on the 7th. Drops have been coming every day since the beta went live, adding more people to the game’s servers.

Via VALORANT’s official Twitter, Riot Games has now confirmed that drops are running 24 hours a day. The Tweet also states that closed beta drops can come even when your Twitch account is offline, implying that you don’t necessarily have to be watching VALORANT streams 24/7.

Additionally, Riot states that the closed beta server capacity has been increased by 25% as they aim to bring more people into the game. Earlier this week, VALORANT Game Director Joe Ziegler clarified that there was no specific number of drops, but that more accounts would be given access once Riot’s servers had the means to support them.

VALORANT‘s full release is set to come this summer.

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