Riot Reveals New VALORANT Ion Skin Collection

Riot Games has unveiled the newest skin collection coming to VALORANT’s storefront. The futuristic Ion collection will launch on the game’s live servers later this week. The collection includes skins for the Sheriff, Bucky, Phantom, and Operator, along with a striking new melee option.

The Ion collection has been described by VALORANT art lead Sean Marino as the “other extreme” to the Reaver skin line. The collection features four weapon skins, each with their own icy blue ion reactor placed right in the center, presumably providing power to the gun. The melee skin mimics the Oni knife as it is placed around your character’s hand, fitting them like an extremely sharp glove. The melee skin emits glowing blue shapes with each slash, giving it a futuristic feel.

The Ion Sheriff, Bucky, Phantom, and Operator skins can each be purchased individually for 1,775 VALORANT Points. On its own, the melee skin is available for 3,550 Points. The entire collection can be bought in a bundle, which will set you back 7,100 VALORANT Points.

Along with the skins, the Ion collection brings a new glowing blue gun buddy. Gun buddies fit like keychains on your weapons, so you can bring this travel-sized ion reactor with you wherever you go. A new Ion-themed spray and player card have also been added to the game.

The Ion collection will be available in VALORANT’s in-game store on Wednesday, November 11th.

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