Risk Of Rain 2: The Ultimate Bandit Guide

Risk of Rain 2’s Anniversary recently launched on PC, bringing tons of new content to explore. In this guide, we’ll be looking at everything to do with the game’s newest Survivor, the Bandit.

The Bandit is a fast-paced character that requires accuracy and skillful use of abilities to play effectively. His optimal place on the battlefield is just out of range of the enemies, where he can kill monsters with a single long-range shot. When the enemies get too close, back off with his Smoke Bomb to gain the advantage.

How to Unlock

The Bandit’s unlock requirements are very straightforward: complete the first three stages without dying. Check out this article from TheGamer for more information on unlocking every character in Risk of Rain 2.


The Bandit excels in long-range, one-on-one combat. Here are his default abilities.

Backstab: All attacks from behind are Critical Strikes.

Burst: Fire a shotgun burst for 5 x 100% damage. Can hold up to 4 shells.

Serrated Dagger: Lunge and slash for 360% damage. Critical Strikes also cause hemorrhaging.

Smoke Bomb: Stunning. Deal 200% damage, become invisible, then deal 200% damage again.

Lights Out: Slayer. Fire a revolver shot for 600% damage. Kills reset all your cooldowns.

Alternate Abilities

Bandit has three additional abilities that can be unlocked by completing different challenges.

Primary – Blast: Fire a rifle blast for 330% damage. Can hold up to 4 bullets.

Unlocks from completing the ‘Bandit: Classic Man’ Challenge – As Bandit, successfully use ‘Lights Out’ to reset your cooldowns 15 times in a row.

Secondary – Serrated Shiv: Throw a hidden blade for 240% damage. Critical Strikes also cause hemorrhaging.

Unlocks from completing the ‘Bandit: Sadist Challenge’ – As Bandit, kill a monster with 20 stacks of Hemorrhage. An easy way to complete this Challenge is to turn on the Artifact of Command and stack three to five Backup Magazines. This works best on the first or second stage, when you aren’t too powerful for the boss. Reset your cooldowns a few times with Lights Out, and attack the boss with Serrated Dagger.

Special – Desperado: Slayer. Fire a revolver shot for 600% damage. Kills grant stacking tokens for 10% more Desperado damage.

Unlocks from completing the ‘Bandit: B&E Challenge’ – As Bandit, kill the final boss with ‘Lights Out’.

Best Items for Bandit

There are tons of items in Risk of Rain 2, but not all of them are suitable for Bandit. Backup Magazine and Hardlight Afterburner, for example, don’t work as well as they do with other characters. Overall, item usage comes down to personal preference, so don’t be afraid to use any items you like. Below are some items that enhance Bandit’s abilities.

Crowbar: With enough Crowbars, Bandit is able to kill most enemies with one use of Lights Out, allowing him to constantly refresh his cooldowns. The more Crowbars you stack, the higher Bandit’s damage output.

Ukulele: This item is almost essential for dealing with Wisps in the early stages of a run, as the Bandit’s abilities lack AoE damage. Will-0′-the-wisp, Gasoline, and other AoE items also work in this capacity.

Lens-Maker’s Glasses: Although Bandit’s Passive ability gives him guaranteed Critical Strikes to an enemies’ back, the Glasses help make his Critical Strikes more consistent when you aren’t able to get behind a monster.

Tri-Tip Dagger: Having a few Tri-Tip Daggers will make dealing with bosses easier in the early game when Lights Out and Burst have relatively low damage output. Later on, however, the Dagger isn’t as essential.

Shatterspleen: This Boss Item combines the effects of Lens-Maker’s Glasses and Tri-Tip Dagger, making it a great addition to those items.

Tips and Tricks

At first, Bandit might seem pretty straightforward to play, but there are a few nuances to his abilities that are worth mentioning.

Bandit’s goal is to quickly kill low to medium health enemies with his Primary attack and Lights Out, allowing him to refresh his cooldowns and remain on the offensive. Weaving in and out of stealth with Smoke Bomb is essential to survival.

Get enemies’ health low with your Primary attack, and finish them off with Lights Out. Some enemies such as Wisps and Lemurians can be killed instantly with Lights Out, allowing for easy access to cooldown refreshes, as long as you don’t miss.

Using any ability while invisible will cause you to exit invisibility, dealing Smoke Bomb’s exit damage. This can be used to your advantage when surrounded by enemies. In addition, entering and exiting Smoke Bomb bounces Bandit slightly, which can be useful for reaching high places when timed correctly.

Bandit’s second Special ability, Desperado, grants tokens when it is used as the killing blow. These tokens stack, giving 10% increased damage for each token held. However, the tokens are lost upon advancing to the next stage.

Now that you are a master Bandit, go out there and sling some guns, cowboy!

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