Rocket League: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Rocket League might have been around for a while, but it went free-to-play last month, which means more people are playing it than ever before. More importantly, it means more new people are playing than ever before. With an influx of new players, it might feel as if you’re pretty good at Rocket League right off the bat, competing against and doing well versus others who have only just entered the fray. However, it won’t take long before you realize that there’s a lot more to this game than chasing the ball like a puppy at the park.

That realization might well be what has brought you here, to a guide filled with Rocket League hints, tips, and tricks to help take you to the next level in Hot Wheels football. First thing’s first — and this isn’t as obvious to some people as it might be to others — complete the tutorials. They are there for a reason, and anyone else who is just starting out will already have a significant leg-up on you from kick-off if they’ve finished them and you haven’t.

Double Jumps, Flips, and Powerslides

Chances are you will have figured out that holding jump gives your car more height, and flicking the analog stick and jumping jets you forward. However, there are a few other handy tricks that can benefit you when all four wheels are off the ground. Hit jump again and you’ll perform a double jump, which is particularly useful when defending. Jumping a second time and holding the analog stick in a particular direction will have the car perform a flip — perfect for gaining momentum when you’re all out of boost.

Mastering the flip will also enable you to change direction at a moment’s notice, which is ideal for when the run of play changes unexpectedly. When you’re on the ground, powersliding is the best way to head back from where you came. Press and hold square on PlayStation or X on Xbox to perform a powerslide.

Watch The Ball, Don’t Chase The Ball

When playing soccer, or football, or rugby, or any team sport with a ball, you won’t see everyone on the pitch chasing the ball at the same time. However, you can stand back and watch almost every single player do it in Rocket League. That leads to chaos and anarchy. You don’t want to be a part of that. Hold back, observe the situation, and plan your attack. Yes, Rocket League is a fast-moving game, but there’s a lot of room on those pitches. Use it.

The best way to make sure you are watching the ball at all times is to switch to ball cam. Rocket League gives players a typical racing game view of their car when you first launch the game. Ball cam gives players the ability to see the ball at all times. It will seem annoying and unnatural at first, and it takes some getting used to. However, if you want to be a better Rocket League player, you need to get used to it.

Above All Else, Don’t Panic

Watching the ball rolling towards a goal you’re supposed to be defending as an opponent speeds toward it will naturally cause a state of panic. Unless you’re playing 1v1, you won’t be the only one feeling that way. While everyone else flies in, take a breath, and use some of the skills detailed above to make sure that ball doesn’t cross the line. Chances are the car speeding into score will also have a panicked player behind the wheel, so they probably won’t be hitting a precise and powerful shot into the top corner.

Rocket League is a simple game on the surface, and many of those who have joined since it went free-to-play will never see it as anything more than that. They will either fall by the wayside as other newcomers become better players, or carry on ball-chasing in the hope that they’ll tap in a goal every now and again. You can be better than those players starting right now, and perhaps begin a long relationship with a game that rewards those who learn its intricacies.

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