Rogue Company: A Complete Guide To Dallas

One of the Rogues that you can choose when playing Rogue Company is known as Dallas. He is one of the free rogues you are able to play at the beginning of the game. You might be tempted to choose him, but there are a few things you should know before going with this character.

He does require a bit more skill to use than others in terms of his weapons as accuracy is key, but his abilities are what make him beloved by all. There is also a certain way to approach the shop when playing as Dallas and these tips will help you be successful with this character in Rogue Company!



  • HRM-30KS (Assault Rifle)
  • Devotion (DMR)


  • LW6 Revolver (Pistol)


  • Throwing Axe


  • EMP Grenade: disables opponent’s ability to use gadgets or their abilities
  • Incendiary Grenade: creates a pool of fire


  • Padded Steps: your footsteps are silenced when not sprinting
  • Berserker: able to reload while sprinting
  • Stalker: no more aim down sights movement speed penalty
  • Bounce Back: health regeneration delay is reduced
  • Headstrong: add an additional 25 armor
  • Replenish: when you down an enemy it reloads your weapon and replenishes your ammo

What To Buy First In The Shop

There are two ways you can go when choosing your progression within the shop for this free Rogue. The first method is to start with an upgrade for your pistol, then moving on to buy your primary weapon the next round.

The second method is to buy your primary weapon and the perk called Padded Steps. This will allow you to get a jump on your opponent as you can use your padded steps to sneak around them early on and quickly deplete their lives.

After this, it is really up to your playstyle and your cash stores, but you should consider picking up a gadget in the shop before round two or three. If you go the route of choosing a primary weapon first, don’t neglect to upgrade your pistol as it will save you in close-range fights.


  • Active: reveals the closest enemy for a short duration
  • Passive: when you down an enemy, your ability is recharged

How To Use Them Effectively

The biggest thing with Dallas is that while you can use your Padded Steps perk to sneak around your opponent, this shouldn’t be your primary form of attack. You should do your best to stick with your team as you can utilize your active ability to reveal an opponent and quickly take out a player with your teammates.

Finally, make sure to save your ability for the right moment. You want to pull it at the optimal moment as downing an enemy is the best way to recharge it, and if you struggle to take down opponents then this character might not be for you.

Counters Against Them

One thing to keep in mind is that there are Rogues in every game mode who can counter Dallas’s abilities and gadgets. There are six rogues who can acquire the Cloaked perk as it will keep them off of his radar. His Incendiary Grenade can also take eight damage off of teammates, and Scorch is immune to this gadget’s effects.

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