Rogue Company: A Complete Guide To Ronin

Ronin is one of the free Rogues you can choose to play as in Rogue Company, and she is definitely underrated. Her abilities combined with her loadout make her great for pros and beginners alike. Unfortunately, many players neglect to understand exactly what they need to do to become better when they choose to use her.

It requires the perfect combination of shop items and strategy to be successful with Ronin. She might be great for all skill levels, but a few tips and tricks can take you to the next dimension of gameplay!



  • KA30 (Assault Rifle)
  • SL-C (Submachine Gun)


  • Spitfire (Pistol)


  • Katana


  • Smoke Grenade: Deploys a cloud of smoke and will slow enemies who run through it when it’s upgraded
  • Grenade: an explosive that can be cooked before being thrown


  • Berserker: you can reload while sprinting
  • Evade: when you are damaged, your movement speed increases for a short time
  • Tenacity: damage taken from explosives is reduced
  • Nimble Hands: the rate at which you swap weapons and reload is increased
  • Replenish: after you down an opponent your weapon’s ammunition and the bullets on your person will be restocked
  • Tracker Rounds: hitting an opponent with a bullet from your firearm will reveal them to your entire team

What To Buy First In The Shop

The KA-30 is decent, but the SL-C is legendary and should be the primary weapon you choose to buy and upgrade before anything else. However, if you prefer medium-range combat then you should consider buying the KA-30, but in this situation, you can buy your perks instead of upgrades as they don’t make much of a difference.

A lot of players love the Replenish or Evade perks, as she is a close-range character which gives her less time to evade or reload. Overall, beginners should try to keep their upgrades of perks, gadgets, and their weapon of choice balanced to be truly successful with Ronin.


  • Active: throws a knife that attaches to a surface and blinks blue, then explodes when an enemy comes into range
  • Passive: she cannot be detected on an enemy radar

How To Use Them

The best method to use her abilities effectively is to throw her knife somewhere that protects your corners and acts as an alert. She can also throw it on objectives to down opponents if they try to take them. Her passive ability allows her to find her way behind a team as she doesn’t show up on radars, which can be especially useful when playing against a Dallas.

Counters Against Them

The best counter against Ronin is Tenacity, as this will decrease the effect of her explosive knife and prevent you from being instantly downed. You can also use a character like Lancer, who isn’t free-to-play, to counter her close-range attacks as the combination of her speed and weapons gives her a better opportunity to take her down.

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